Traveler Reps Needed Immediately – Serious Inquiries Only

Nov. 16, 2006 – We are looking for people who are team players, dependable, self-movtivated. If you fit those qualities and really want to make 6-7 figures in the next year, then YOU will NOT want to pass this up!!!

Please listen carefully to this voice message that will
start immediately.

Insurances, travel benefits, etc.
50% commission match
$1000 bonus for 6 people signing up
YTB $6000 Guaranteed Program

Take the time to view both movies on this site that will
explain our pay plan and business in depth for you and I
promise ..your light bulb WILL come on!

If you asked someone what they’d do if they won the lottery?
Most would say…”I’d pay off my debts and travel to places
I’ve always dreamed of visiting!”

Money and Travel GO together. People dream of becoming
financially free and being able to travel the world and live
a carefree lifestyle. But you see — it’s NOT a dream!
Thousands of people are making it a reality and we have the
vehicle here to help you do the same.

If you investigate our business and go over our patented
pay plan – you’ll start to understand how you can start
earning a full time income from home so quickly.

It’s not about selling or recruiting. You can SAVE people
money on the travel that they are spending money on already.

AND what I have found – most people come back to me and ask
if THEY can become a RTA and generate a residual income
stream like I am doing. It’s SO easy to share this with
others AND we also have a system that will generate endless
prospects for you day and night.

And of course – seasoned network marketers take one look
at this compensation plan and start putting in their
associates – the pay plan is phenomenal!

Please go through these sites very carefully:

View my presentation again:

Take a good look at my corporate site here:

Have you ever been at the right place at the right time
before only to realize later that you missed an opportunity
of a lifetime? Don’t let that be the case here!

Now is the time to get the facts and I’d love to share more
with you personally! I can help you build your business
and have some great positions available.

Thanks for your valuable time and I look forward to hearing
from you soon!

Best of Success!
Baby Boomers Express Int’l Travel 1-866-203-7830 X7704

Best of Success!
Baby Boomers Express Int’l Travel
Owner Nancy Clark
YTB Referring Travel Agent
1-866-203-7830 X 7704
NC Network
14781 Memorial Dr.
Houston TX 77079
United States

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