Trends Show Business Intelligence (BI) Still Plays a Key Role in the World of Big Data as Organizations Seek to Maximize Volumes and Variety of Valuable Information

(PRWEB) JULY 08, 2015
Traditional business intelligence (BI) and analytic models are being disrupted as the balance of power shifts from IT to the business user. Practical needs for data discovery, access to multi-structured data, data preparation tools and smart capabilities will further fuel access to analytics. A recent report by research firm Gartner*, predicts that by 2017 most business users and analysts in organizations will have access to self-service data analytics tools.
Joe Caserta, president of strategic consulting and technology implementation firm Caserta Concepts, leads that vision asserting the Enterprise Data Warehouse and BI remain important to the evolution of the data analytics platform. Regardless of specific technologies, the goal is to support a range of business decisions by drawing upon internal and external data sources and providing business users with the ability to react strategically to the information it retrieves. Today, everyone is calling it big data, but Joe sees a new wave of BI prevailing in this paradigm.
“The rise of Big Data has brought an avalanche of technologies and approaches for delivering information and insights to the workplace,” said Joe Caserta. “As a big data strategist and consultant to a variety of businesses across many industry sectors, I am often asked which applications and technologies to leverage to get the most value from the data. Everyone is looking for a new BI solution. My vision is BI will transition from a drag and drop query interface to become your corporate search-engine for data, with instantaneous results rendered graphically.”
Best defined as a set of techniques and tools for transforming raw data into meaningful and useful information or insight, BI plays an important role for every organization tackling big data and analytics for business benefit. At a recent BI Leadership Summit in NYC Joe delivered a keynote presentation, “Architecting for Big Data: Trends, Tips and Deployment Options.” His talk focused on supplementing a company’s BI environment with big data and search technologies.
“Joe Caserta is an acknowledged thought-leader with a unique perspective on collecting and analyzing data in the workplace,” said Craig Stedman, executive editor at TechTarget publications and one of the hosts of the BI Leadership Summit. “He speaks from experience as he has successfully implemented a range of enterprise technology solutions and knows the power of information and how to manage it for overall business benefit.”
Joe also addressed the challenges of BI in the big data world at the Annual Great Lakes Business Intelligence and Big Data Conference in Metro Detroit earlier this year. He spoke about how the business intelligence space is being disrupted at an unprecedented rate with new innovative technologies that challenge the status quo and developing a strategy for a total solution that leverages both trusted tools and emerging technology innovation.
More of Joe’s thoughts about Business Intelligence and big data can be found here.
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“Predicts 2015: Power Shift in Business Intelligence and Analytics Will Fuel Disruption.” The full report is available at the Gartner website