Turrentine Insurance Agency Announces Mobile Site

To meet the needs of their clients who want fast and simple access to insurance information wherever they are – at home, at work or on the go, Turrentine Insurance Agency is now providing a mobile site. Now consumers can use their cell phones and tablets to view quote forms and information from Turrentine Insurance Agency’s site at http://www.turrentineinsuranceagency.com/m. Here, those on the move can quickly seek information and answers to frequently asked questions covering various types of insurance, including auto and homeowners.
Turrentine Insurance Agency unveiled a mobile website because it knows that customers want quick and simple access to insurance information wherever they are – at home, at work or on the move. Now customers can access features and information from the fully interactive site on their cell phones and other devices.
The mobile website includes the same features found on the agency’s main website, just in a more dynamic and finger-friendly format. Guests to the mobile site can easily get a quote and comprehensive answers to their questions.
Along with the ability to automatically identify mobile devices, the mobile website permits visitors to submit quote requests as well as policy changes, payments, or file an insurance claim through a fully featured customer service portal. Customers can also find the agency’s locations with a Click-to-Map feature and one-touch Click-to-Call or Email features.
Events that require insurance rarely happen near a computer. Sometimes they can even ruin the computer. Turrentine Insurance Agency believes it is important for customers to have access to a site that is simple to view and quick to use on their mobile devices. It could be the only way for clients to find the information they need to start the claim process quickly.
Visit http://www.turrentineinsuranceagency.com/m to find out more and to stay current in one simple click.