Turrentine Insurance Agency Stays Connected Through Social Media

Facebook. Twitter. Linkedin. Blogs. All great ways to communicate. Turrentine Insurance Agency now offers two-way communication with consumers through a selection of favorite social media tools. The agency website at http://www.turrentineinsuranceagency.com provides a personal way for consumers to communicate, find information, share insights and opinions. The Turrentine Insurance Agency’s pledge to provide easy ways to make the connections comes through through social media.
Turrentine Insurance Agency enjoys being social. Just take note. Whether consumers favor Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, interactive blogs or any combination, Turrentine Insurance Agency has got it covered. These social media tools supply a great way for two-way communication. Here consumers locate information, offer opinions or information, ask questions and get answers. And it all takes place quickly and easily.
Here the customer can get to know the agency and its qualified staff. Check out the About Us section and the employee directory. Read or provide testimonials. Learn more through partner advertising. Get one-stop information or request and receive a quote for homeowners and auto insurance. Want to know where to go or how to get there? That information is offered in the location section. All this and more is provided through the agency’s Facebook page or interactive website.
In a disaster or emergency, immediate connection through social media to a customer’s valued agent at Turrentine Insurance Agency offers much needed aid any time from any place. Here consumers can find claim information, weather warnings, disaster alerts and instantly updated information at their fingertips. And there is no need to search out a business card. The agent’s contact information is always available.
On the go? Consumers are covered. With all that Turrentine Insurance Agency provides through social media tools, customers have multiple methods to connect. Like to trade information? Turrentine Insurance Agency’s interactive blog provides a area to learn and share information about many types of insurance. Trusted information from knowledgeable agents and partners provides clients with current news, tips, and suggestions for making the best possible insurance choices. Visitors also can be informed through free downloadable reports.
Simply, straightforward social media tools from Turrentine Insurance Agency now provide clients a quick way to network about insurance needs and issues. Visit http://www.turrentineinsuranceagency.com to get connected with all the resources that Turrentine Insurance Agency has available.