Tutorial of extracting audio from movie files or DVD disc introduced by Audio4fun

Dec. 24, 2006 – (December 23, 2007) – Nicosia, Cyprus – To support the practical need of customers, Audio4fun Customer Care Team has recently introduced the third tutorial of extracting audio soundtrack of a film or DVD disc. Step-by-step instruction is presented at http://mp3-player.audio4fun.com/tutorials/movie-morpher-tutorials-project03.htm

“I love the song ‘Christmas is all around’ from ‘Love Actually’ movie and want to have this sweet soundtrack to prepare something special for our coming Christmas,” said Caroline Bradford, USA.

“We’re doing research of how to apply Voice Changer Software in film production. We need to take out the original film’s soundtrack to practice with Voice Changer Software. If we are successful, we find out a way to save much money for film production,” said Terry Dan – a postgraduate of filmmaking school.

With such those requirements above as well as the recently launch of AV Movie Morpher Gold – an advanced movie editing software, the tutorial of extracting movie’s soundtrack is brought into the world.

The tutorial is presented into two main steps. The first one helps users to load movie files or disc into Movie Morpher while the second one instructs them to play movie and capture selected soundtrack. All the performances of this task must be worked on Video module. After the job, operators can get the audio parts they like to support various needs of users.

AV Movie Morpher Gold 3.0 has been launched since last October, which is considered as a big boom in the high-tech entertaining tools, especially for movie editing and movie producing. Not only playing movies in high quality stream, but Movie Morpher also allows users to add effects including audio as well as video effects. Moreover, the dubbing module is a new function that is voted as a most-wanted feature of this software. Within some simple performances, the movie, video files or video clips can be personalized with users’ dubbed voices. The tutorial of extracting audio soundtrack from movie is also a supporting tutorial for the later dubbing task.

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Jenny Le is an enthusiastic correspondent and coordinator of Music Morpher Center. She has joined in many music projects of this center. Contact her at media@audio4fun.com

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