TV4U Internet Television Network Brings Taste of Home To Armed Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan

Nov. 9, 2006 – Henderson, NV (PR Log)- TV4U.US the free internet television service that sends eight channels of popular American programming worldwide, is reaping an unexpected dividend with their new tv network. Members of the United States Armed Forces stationed in Iraq, Afghanistan, South Korea, Germany, Japan, and other countries can now enjoy classic sports events with Pele, Patrick Ewing, Dale Earnhardt, Richard Petty, Bo Jackson, and Michael Jordan on demand. They can also enjoy great TV Classics like Andy Griffith, Dragnet, Bill Cosby Show, Flip Wilson Show, Combat, and dozens more classic TV series.

“We have been very pleasantly surpised to see the reaction to around the world,” said TV4U,Inc. CEO Charry Kennedy from TV4U headquarters just outside of Las Vegas. “This is an extra benefit that we didn’t expect…to be able to bring a small bit of home to our wonderful troops stationed around the world. We certainly are glad that we can provide this free internet television programming as the holiday season approaches.”

Service personnel, and anyone else living overseas, can watch classic American free internet television on the eight TV4U channels by merely going to on the internet. They then can watch the Dick Van Dyke Show, the Lucy Show with Lucille Ball, Good Morning World with Goldie Hawn, Sledgehammer, Kolchak: The Night Stalker, The Lone Ranger, Wagon Train, The Rifleman, and many other shows. All shows are available on demand.

About TV4U.US

TV4U.US is a leading internet provider of on-demand historical television and video content covering a century of American popular arts. TV4U.US legally provides online television content, licensed from Margate Entertainment LLC, free to all internet users. TV4U.US provides online television content from a variety of categories, including western, omedy, vintage, drama, variety, detective, action, sports, and primetime. This content is available for online viewing by visiting

About TV4U,Inc.

TV4U,Inc. creates commercial video and text web programming networks. Programming for TV4U.US is supplied by Margate Entertainment LLC, the largest private TV program library in the USA. Founded as the TVS Television Network in 1961, TV4U.US is actually the fourth oldest commercial TV network in the USA. In addition to broadband video networks such as TV4U.US, TV4U, Inc. also proves mobile video services for cellular phones, plus published web E Magazines, including,,, and TV4U also provides web based shopping E Commerce networks such as and

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