UK Mobile Phone Dealers get their own Association

Dec. 17, 2006 – For the very first time in the UK, mobile phone dealers have been given their own dealer association. With the official launch today of the IMPDA (Independent Mobile Phone Dealers Association) uk dealers have the opportunity to make a difference to their industry.

For some years the mobile industry in the UK especially the independent dealers have talked about and wanted a more level playing field with the UK Networks, and greater assistance from UK distribution companies. The problem has always been one of individuality, with no central body to represent the majority; this has left the dealers with great disadvantages, which means they are not able to offer consumers the same offers that the networks do which has been a loss for the dealers and the consumer.

The Mobile Phone Industry is competitive especially in the UK and dealers look to the networks for fair treatment, when dealing with consumers. However over the years the networks have taken to giving notice of their mobile phone plan tariff changes extremely late in the month making it difficult for dealers to implement the changes for the benefit of the consumer for the next month in time. In addition to this the Mobile networks industry have taken to offering deals to the consumer, that the independent dealers could never match, but who point bank refuse to give the independent dealers the same facility although the networks owned high street shops are allowed to carry these additional deals. The ones that lose out are the consumer and the dealers.

After a long period of time, the dealers now have the opportunity, to act as a single body, with the launch of the IMPDA (Independent Mobile Phone Dealers Association) web site and restricted forum at The site is available for membership by Dealers, Networks and Distributors, where they can come and discuss issues and put forward ideas and recommendations directly. The IMPDA site is a stepping stone to which dealers can build on and eventually become a pressure group for their members, in addition the IMPDA is a place where the networks can go to gain the views of dealers and give advice.

We would encourage all dealers in the UK will join and become members, and that the networks and all distributors will come on board and make a contribution.

With the growth in mobile phone use globally, and especially in the UK an association has been long overdue, now with the launch of the IMPDA all dealers have the opportunity to encourage change for the future, and a better working relationship with the networks and improved customer service and offers.

— End —