Under Royal Patronage of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah II

Nov. 26, 2006 – Amman, Jordan (November 2006) – The Greater Amman Municipality and TRACCS, a leading Arab public relations agency, announced on Saturday the launch of their joint initiative, Jordan’s first Arabic speaking Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Forum. The forum is scheduled to take place in Amman from 28 February – 1 March 2007.

This forum will be the first of its kind ever to be held in the Kingdom. It aims to foster positive change and proactive development, and comes in response to a growing need for effective public private partnerships. Participants will be invited to reflect on their achievements throughout the year, and to focus on their goals and plans for the year 2007.

The event, titled “Duty or a Way of Life” will touch upon issues of poverty, education, the environment, healthcare and culture and heritage. On its agenda is the bringing together of corporations, public sector institutions, NGOs, youth groups, community leaders, empowered individuals, and other local, regional and international experts in a space that lends itself to positive result-driven interaction.

Through discussion panels, roundtable discussions, and other interactive activities, participants are expected to come out with a healthy sharing of experiences, a clear definition of community needs and priorities, new collaborations, and effective action plans that promise positive development for the community at large.

When asked to comment on the “Duty or a Way of Life” CSR Forum, H.E. Mr. Omar Maani, Mayor of Amman, said, “We at GAM are committed to providing a better way of life for the residents of Amman, and are hence proud to be collaborating with TRACCS on this joint initiative. The forum comes with good tidings for the Jordanian community,, and especially so considering it is the first forum of its type to ever be held in Jordan. I am sure that it will result in the reaping of positive and tangible results for all parties involved. The list of attendees targeted for this event includes experts in a wide variety of relevant fields. By drawing on that vast pool of knowledge and experience and through the opportunities for interaction that this forum will provide, I am sure that we will redefine social involvement in Jordan.”

From her end, Ms. Faten Al Masri Kamal, Managing Director of TRACCS Jordan, said, “I believe that today, more than ever before, our world is in need of new and effective partnerships between the private and public sectors. Such synergies bring about real positive change. We at TRACCS Jordan, and the Greater Amman Municipality were inspired by the national slogan “We Are All Jordan” in our planning for this event. Through the event’s active agenda we hope to draw upon our true sense of duty, to bring about more social advancement for Jordan, and especially in areas that need to be pushed forward. We are hoping to foster intellectual development within the perceptions and understandings of enlightened individuals, and we are also hoping that this event will bring with it the promise for a better tomorrow that is ours.
Through this forum, the Greater Amman Municipality is making a sincere effort to bring Jordan’s passionate citizens and business leaders together towards nurturing a culture of corporate social responsibility that in turn promise a better quality of life for Jordanians. We at TRACCS Jordan are proud to be playing an active role in reaching this milestone in the Kingdom’s journey towards further social development, and we look forward to seeing good results.”

Mr. Mohamed Al Ayed, CEO of the TRACCS Network, stated that a similar event was organized in Saudi Arabia by the network last May,” The last CSR forum organized by the TRACCS network was hosted in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the same theme. It was a two day event that proved to be very successful, and concluded with a model presented by the United Nations Development Program along with recommendations. I am confident that with the expertise of both the TRACCS Jordan and the Greater Amman Municipality’s team members and with the true passion that both entities have for this cause, the Jordan CSR forum will be just as successful if not even more so. I look forward to seeing this event come to life, and I am positive that it will reap positive and beneficial results for all parties involved,” he said.

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