Understanding in technologies and applications: training courses on biometrics in Germany and EU

Nov. 22, 2006 – London, Munich, November 22nd 2006: Electronic passports, biometric visas, payments via fingerprints – almost every day – we hear this kind of news through our news agencies. As a result biometrics, the technology to identify personal characteristics, has come out of its shadowy existence in criminal investigations and become more and more part of our daily lives.
Many companies are now thinking of taking advantage of this new technology for internal security purposes. But which biometrics is appropriate for computer access, time recording or security control? It is a difficult choice to make as processes and offered products are constantly increasing in volume.
Biometric & ID Consulting, Steinbeis Transfer Center for Identification Solutions and IDMC Biometrics Academy have agreed to work together and offer various training courses in Central Europe. The aim is to inform the companies and their employees correctly and extensively about different applications of biometrics.
“It is the first time in Germany and other parts of Europe that one can find courses that are independent of suppliers and where expert knowledge is offered to everybody and we are pleased to have IDMC Biometrics Academy working with us on this“, states Marcus Klische from Biometric & ID Consulting. Dr. Dietmar Fischer, Director of Steinbeis Transfer Centre for Biometrics and Identification Solutions adds: “The courses can also be offered as company-internal workshops, especially for the management, safety officers and employee representatives and Dr Aziz Shaikh is highly experienced in doing this.” Dr Aziz Shaikh, Director of IDMC Biometric Academy, summarizes: „We are very happy that we have Mr Klische and Dr Fischer working with us. They are experts in biometrics and will definitely grade up our programme internationally and support us with the realization. “.
More information on the training course programme is available from: http://www.biometric-id.de, http://www.stz-biometrie.de or http://www.idmcuk.com.

About Biometric & ID Consulting
Marcus Klische worked for companies in the field of biometric security, authentication and biometrics for a long time. In 1998 he was the responsible product – manager for the first multi modal biometric authentication in the world, BioID. For this solution he received numerous awards e.g. the 5 Star of the PC Magazine in the USA and the Best Access Control Product Award from Detektor. He gives lectures at international congresses and is an active member of international standardisation boards (DIN, CEN, ISO). He now offers his know how to companies and governments as freelancer. More information on Biometric & ID Consulting: www.biometric-id.de or info@biometric.de.

About Steinbeis Transfer Centre
The Steinbeis Technology Transfer Centre for Biometrics and Identification Solutions is specialized in international consulting for government and private sector in the field of biometrics, id documents, border control projects, access control and e-government; coaching of start-ups, focused on sales markets, strategic partners, political and strategic networking. More information on www.stz-biometrie.de or email: info@stz-biometrie.de

About IDMC Biometrics Academy
IDMC Biometrics Academy, the only private initiative of its kind in the UK and mainland Europe, is the training division of Identity Management Consultants Limited (IDMC) and has been created in view of the importance of education and training in biometrics. While IDMC is focused on the delivery of all the identity management and biometrics related services, the Academy will also bring together the leading experts in their respective specialties within biometrics and will offer standard and tailored courses and workshops with tangible benefits to public and private enterprises on a wide range of topics. More information on: www.idmcuk.com

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