United Planet & Ecover become partners!

Nov. 16, 2006 – United Planet, a leading international non-profit organization, and Ecover, the Belgian manufacturer of ecological household cleaning products, are proud to announce a partnership. Both companies aim to increase awareness in environmental affairs through their work together.

Established in 1980, Ecover stands today as the world leader in ecological cleaning products. Its unique approach encompasses sustainability and all of its products offer environmental advantages that benefit humans, animals and the environment; dynamics which make for an ideal marriage with United Planet.

Devoted to fostering cross cultural understanding and friendship, United Planet bridges the gap between cultures to support communities in need and promote social and economic prosperity.

We believe that Ecover’s dedication to sustaining the environment parallels United Planet’s commitment to enrich lives across the globe through diverse humanitarian projects. Many of United Planets volunteer quests are dedicated to protecting the environment in areas such as Costa Rica, Japan, Ecuador, and Thailand.

United Planet fully supports Ecover in the idea that taking care of the environment starts in your home! In fact, Ecover is a safe alternative to the seemingly endless array of chemical-based household cleaners on the market today. Ecover manufactures its cleaners in the world’s first ecological plant: from the sedum roof to the recycled bricks down to the end product, every step is taken to ensure the most ecologically sound methods for household cleaning are used.

Through working together, United Planet and Ecover are willing to build environmental awareness and make more of a difference in communities worldwide.

Make a difference in our world with United Planet and Ecover!

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