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Dec. 13, 2006 – Services for Attorneys and Law Firms

Cyber Eye Forensics provides end-to-end litigation support for legal professionals through their Computer Forensics, Electronic Discovery and Data Recovery services. The company helps create winning cases by assisting you in recovering and presenting compelling evidence before the court. The company expansive expertise includes everything from advising on the proper procedures for seizing a computer, to serving as qualified expert witnesses on your behalf. The company can provide support for a broad range of cases, including theft of intellectual property, fraud, harassment, discrimination, and wrongful dismissal. Through their court-qualified and fully-trained in-house professionals and cutting-edge technology, they bring you the winning edge. Computer Forensics, Electronic Discovery and Data Recovery, their three key services, can provide you with the knowledge and information necessary to help you achieve success. Outstanding litigators rely on a complex web of support services and resources to provide them with the irrefutable evidence required to prepare a winning case; the advantages of using computer forensics to obtain this evidence in a world of e-communication can no longer be ignored.

Electronic Discovery Services:
• Expert technical, litigation preparedness and strategy consulting
• U.S. Court-qualified experts
• Digital data collection planning and management
• Document processing
• Content analytics (Email visual analytics, Email conversation linking, Concept/entity extraction, Digital artifact analysis and Knowledge management)
• Search/Classification
• Document management and review
• Enterprise data migration
• Data integration

Computer Forensics Services:
• Identification, retrieval and analysis of electronic evidence
• U.S. court-qualified expert witnesses
• Preservation and authentication of electronic evidence
• Recovery of deleted, hidden and password protected files
• Migration of electronic evidence into litigation support applications
• Internet investigations, PDA forensics (including Blackberries, Palms, PocketPCs and Smart Phones)
• Litigation support including case strategy, assistance with preservation letters
• Preemptive Forensic Imaging

Cyber Eye Forensics is the leading provider of proactive and reactive measures for protecting information, assets and critical infrastructure. Their staff consists of highly specialized industry leader in security information and subject matter experts.

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