Unstoppable Sundance Film Star Signs with Los Angeles PR Firm

Nov. 17, 2006 – Los Angeles, CA—November 17, 2006– There are no small actors in the world of Hollywood, only small parts, and up and coming actress Maggie Wagner has played most all of them. Wagner has been a big player in the indie film scene, and after proving her extraordinary talent at Sundance, she is ready to take on new ventures in her acting career.

Born and raised in New York, Wagner started her extensive acting career with the support of her uncle, award winning director Mark Rydell. Working with Rydell, Wagner had roles in For the Boys and James Dean. Some of the films she has accredited to her name in 2006 alone are: Working Girl, Richard III, Desperate Isolation, The Violent Kind, Monkey Man, American Cowslip, Benny Bliss, and He was a Quiet Man where she was featured opposite Christian Slater.

Wagner’s career took off after starring in the award-winning, Sundance festival favorite The Talent Given Us. The film was directed by her brother, Andrew Wagner and starred her mother, father, and sister, actress Emily Wagner (ER). Her role in this powerful film has led her down a path of unparalleled success in the indie film scene. Wagner has become respected by her peers in the industry, and has been continuously cast for films in all genres.

After being cast in over 42 feature films, Wagner is taking her career to the next level by signing on with Los Angeles based public relations firm M. Loring Communications. Mona Loring, the firm’s owner, states “We plan to increase public awareness of Maggie’s undeniable talent in the industry, and further the establishment of Maggie’s fan base.”

Most recently Wagner signed on to co-star in Taking it as it Comes: The MaryAnn Collura Story. It is the true story of Mary Ann Collura, New Jersey police officer who was killed in the line of duty. Wagner will also join the cast of Chatham, directed by Dan Adams and starring Anne Archer and Burt Reynolds. Chatham will be filming in Cap Cod in 2007. Maggie currently can be seen in the film Coffee Date, which premiered November 10, 2006 at The Regent Theatre in West Hollywood.

In addition to acting in dozens of films, Wagner is a lifetime member of The Actors Studio in Los Angeles, where she perfects her craft every week. Wagner is an exceptional talent in the entertainment industry today, and she is awaiting the perfect role to help further her career.

For additional information, or to schedule an interview with Ms. Wagner please contact Mona Loring at (805) 231-3182 or contact@monaloring.com

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