Upcoming 2 Day Entrepreneurs Conference to be held August 11 & 12 by LUX CHIX in Grand Rapids, MI

An event for 100 women and gentlemen entrepreneurs. A small sampling of topics include: Overcoming Your Fears of Public Speaking, Making Your Family’s Financial Desires a Reality, Taking Your Success to the Next Level and more.

Grand Rapids, MI, May 09, 2015 –(PR.com)– Local professional and branding expert for health conscious entrepreneurs Nicole Zaagman, founder/CEO of LUX CHIX shares her enthusiasm for entrepreneurship through the upcoming Create Your Successful Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Conference. An intimate gathering for 100 women and gentlemen, this event features 12 special guests and speakers coming to Grand Rapids from across the country. A small sampling of topics include: Overcoming Your Fears of Public Speaking, Lifestyle Changes for Total Body Wellness, Making Your Family’s Financial Desires a Reality and Taking Your Success to the Next Level.

Activities include musical entertainment; sit down sessions, relaxing outdoor activities in the heart of Grand Rapids, gourmet meals, Tuesday evening afterglow party, entertainment by renowned speaker, illusionist and magician Tom Coverly and much more.

“Through this event, we desire to create an intimate experience where spiritual and holistic entrepreneurs experience freedom to think, share, believe, express themselves and create success via their expertise. Attendees will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded thought leaders, dig deeper in their life purpose, cultivate self-confidence and create a successful lifestyle living out their dreams.” – Zaagman

This event is a fit for those who are serious about advancing themselves personally and elevating their business brand to the next level. Participants include entrepreneurs who are spiritually guided, currently operating or desiring to launch a holistic endeavor or small business. Our community encompasses energy healers, alternative medicine, nutrition, fitness, creative professionals, artists and influential brands. A portion of proceeds will benefit the non-profit My Choices, based in India. They work with women in India to end domestic violence and foster their entrepreneurial spirit.

Register before May 31st for early bird pricing at: LUXCHIX.com/events. For more information on how to increase your brand’s visibility as a luxury brand sponsor, contact LUX CHIX at 616.430.4366 or via LUXCHIX.com


LUX CHIX is a community sharing lifestyle, branding and business advice for holistic and spiritual women entrepreneurs. Our clients use their past personal experiences to provide meaningful connection to others and a powerful life purpose through creating, designing and marketing a heart-felt business. Nicole Zaagman’s passion is teaching women how to create a successful business with their special gift, live a fulfilling lifestyle and impact the world in a bigger way. We simplify entrepreneurship overwhelm by providing a full service experience through our online shop, hosting luxury events and personalized programs designed to empower women’s success.
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