Uriflow – The all Natural Formula

Dec. 14, 2006 – Bioneutrix brings to you URIFLOW, the all natural formula that is scientifically supported and specifically designed to target the four major aspects of kidney stone treatment that involve disintegrating the stones naturally, flushing out the dissolved gravel painlessly, preventing harmful bacteria from collecting in the urinary tracts as the urine moves out and preventing your kidneys from forming stones ever again.

Over 10 million people are diagnosed with kidney stones each year in US alone. For most of these people, a recurring and quite painful condition if not treated correctly and rapidly can cause internal bleeding, urine obstruction or even kidney damage. Kidney stones are responsible for hospitalization of over 400,000 patients every year most of them being males aged between 20 to 60 years. These patients face a 60% chance of getting another stone within seven years.

There are several primary causes for kidney stone formation, they include:

• Urinary tract infections
• The presence of foreign substances in the urinary tract
• Poor Diet with vitamin deficiencies or mineral access
• Inadequate fluid intake or Inadequate urinary drainage
• Metabolic diseases like gout or hypothyroidism
• Certain drugs like diuretics that increase acid levels

All these factors can increase your chances of forming kidney stones. Over the years conventional treatments involved uncomfortable and often painful procedures that were high in risk and lengthy in recovery. New research has shown that kidney stones can be disintegrated and flushed out using substances that work at the side of the stone. One such formula is Uriflow, an all natural formula created by bioneutrix labs. The best way to find fast relieve for kidney stones is to diminish the size of the stone. Till now, the best promise to eliminate stones naturally is by use of Uriflow which has scientifically proven specialized substances that breakdown the protein glue that keeps the stone together. Uriflow has the unique ability of ensuring that you will never face any kidney stone episode ever again.

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