US Packaging Sector Growing Big with Secondary Aluminum

Nov. 23, 2006 – Aluminum is fast gaining preference over other metals as it is lightweight, strong and can be produced easily. The worldwide Aluminum production recorded a strong growth rate of 6.6% (approx 32 Million Ton) in 2005. The growth trend is continuing at an estimated annual rate of about 33.3 Million Ton in 2006.

The Aluminum is derived from various sources. The primary feedstock for Aluminum metal, alumina (Aluminum oxide), is refined from bauxite ore. Scrap Aluminum forms a major share, (30%) of the America’s Aluminum supply. Out of this 30%, recycled Aluminum cans forms 1/5th of the raw material.

Aluminum has found uses in diverse fields. It is the 3rd most widely used material in automobiles. In US, 39% of the total Aluminum is used in transportation sector. The second largest consumer of Aluminum is packaging industry that stands at 28%.

RNCOS has recently published a report “US Aluminum Market (2006)” that gives an overview of the existing situation in the US Aluminum industry. According to the research analyst of RNCOS, packaging industry is one of the premier Aluminum consuming sectors. This sector comprises of products like food containers, beverage cans and institutional and household foil. Packaging industry mainly relies on secondary Aluminum (recycled Aluminum). This high market share is because of the change in habits of US citizens who are now realizing the advantages of recycled Aluminum as an energy-saving and cost-efficient procedure of Aluminum production.

The market research report also addresses the following facts and issues:

– Trends and developments in production, market value, consumption, price etc in US Aluminum Market
– Demand and supply situation of Aluminum and its raw material Bauxite
– Analysis of primary and secondary Aluminum production
– Cost of labor and Energy available in various states of US
– Success aspect of Aluminum Industry in US
– Challenges associated with US Aluminum industry

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