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Dec. 18, 2006 – Santa Monica, CA (BonoVox PR) – Unless you live in your RV fulltime, storing your RV in a secure indoor environment is a valuable way to protect your vehicle and reduce liability. With the majority of California towns adopting laws against parking RVs on private property, an increasing number of RV owners are discovering the hidden benefits of keeping their RV at an indoor storage center.

Though storing an RV outdoors is typically less expensive, it is also less secure and most of the time not applicable for insurance liability discounts. Most exterior damage to RVs comes as a result of sun, wind, rain or hail causing outdoor storage to have an adverse effect on the vehicle in terms of aging as well as battery, tire and overall vehicular maintenance. RV and tire covers to protect the RV from extreme weather conditions are expensive and do not guarantee that the vehicle will not experience any weather-induced complications. Furthermore, outdoor storage does not protect the vehicle against fire, theft and vandalism risks.

Parking the vehicle at a reputable indoor RV storage center can save the RV owner many headaches and considerable savings from a liability and risk management standpoint. Because the RV is securely stored at an indoor storage center rather than in a makeshift private property canvas or tarp, most insurance brokers will be thrilled to work with you and will help you get a discount on fire, theft and vandalism liability rates. Along with these savings, the RV owner can rest assured that their vehicle is protected from possible risks that would be present if they were to store their RV outdoors.

In addition to ensuring the protection of your RV and the reduction of liability costs, most insurance policies allow collision, liability and additional parts of RV coverage to be completely suspended for RVs stored indoors for extended periods since they are not exposed to weather conditions and do not run the risk of any maintenance problems.

Finding the appropriate indoor storage center for your RV entails determining your storage needs and expectations. Full service storage centers provide the most comprehensive services and meticulous attention to RVs and ensure that the vehicle receives the treatments it needs at the precise time.

US Storage Centers is quickly becoming the favorite among the group of indoor RV storage centers. US Storage Centers boasts a large full-service indoor valet facility that caters to any size vehicle. The facility will be opening in South Bay on January 1, 2007, and will offer services such as checking tire pressure, vehicle cleaning and prepping and the possibility of a full-time electrical hookup. US Storage Centers is a prime example of a secure environment that RV owners look for to protect their vehicle and save on liability costs.

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