Used 200C Turbo-Hydramatic Transmissions Added to Discount Inventory at U.S. Gearbox Company Website

Classic General Motors transmissions that are no longer in production are in still in demand by car owners, hot rod builders and mechanics who work on GM vehicles nationwide. The Got Transmissions company is now including used 200C Turbo-Hydramatic transmissions to its discount inventory of assemblies that are now for sale at
The THM200C 3-speed is one gearbox type that was created for use in the late 1970s for use with V6 and V8 motors at the General Motors company. Because active production was terminated in 1987, there can be shortages found when consumers research the secondary market for used transmissions to buy. The inclusion of hard to find Turbo-Hydramatic assemblies at the Got Transmission website is expected to fulfill part of the demand by the public.
“Older gearboxes that have median mileage counts although are still in good working order can be found for a better price range when shopping our inventory,” said one Got Transmissions rep.
The support for older gearboxes has improved in recent years as the company has included more sources into its supply chain on a national level. Apart from the THM series assemblies available to buy, the more modern 4-speed units for SUVs, trucks and cars can now be located for sale pricing online.
“Users of our website have no limits on price research that can be useful when trying to locate the best price for a replacement transmission on a national level,” said the rep.
The Got Transmissions company is supplying faster methods of checkout for people who order gearboxes on the web this year. An e-commerce system has been integrated into the company website design that allows people to buy once a match for a gearbox has been completed. The phone system at 1-866-320-1182 is still active for consumers to call daily.
The company offers its gearbox inventory on a national level for less than MSRP pricing to the public. The company has one of the largest numbers of classic GM, Ford and Chrysler assemblies for web ordering. The company has a call center of experts that answer calls placed to the toll-free line that is now available for usage nationally.