Valio Limited Builds New Movie Social Networking Site

Dec. 15, 2006 – Douglas, UK – Valio Limited has ventured into a unique social networking talent search and collaboration project to create five real movies. provides the latest variation in social networking as it aims to come up with movies of different variants, covering thriller, drama, comedy, horror and bollywood. It expects its members to be ‘movie makers” whose job is to help devise a sequence of images, videos, audio and scenes that will result in generating a voting response from the visiting web audience. Members and viewers will get to vote for their favorite uploads including Movie Titles, Scripts, Characters, Directors, Special Effects, Stunts, Auditions and a lot more.

The presence of is a valuable addition to the likes of,,,,, and, all worthy participants in the social networking phenomenon. Users will have access to individual stages at different times. Stage 1 features the titles, logline and synopsis which are basically creating the main movie genre/theme. The next, Stage 2 provides the overview of the screenplay while Stage 3 is involved with the screenplay or the actual movie script. This stage covers the first act, the several turning points, and the midpoint until the denouement or the final resolution of the movie. Stage 4 involves itself with the production as characters are finalized and agreements with actors, editors and other persons involved are done. Stage 5 is all about distribution that targets promotional work, public relations, marketing and release.

Social networking banks on the word-of-mouth marketing but on a much larger scale. Most networks are focused on their own community but the evolution of the Internet has changed the very definition of the term community. The “community” has become more international, more democratized and more user-driven.

Majority of companies are better-off building their own networking platforms especially in the area of using social networking to drive sales. By concentrating on their own web traffic and building better community applications on their sites, the purposes of most marketers will be best served. The power of individuals interacting with each other is finally being recognized and understood.

YourBroadcaster is a website that combines the strength of the Internet peer networks with the ability to create a movie among the given choices. Prizes per project will be awarded at certain stages of the sign-up process for all paid members. Once the projects are closed and ready for filming, the top 100 members will receive 20% of the final members’ sign-up sales which will be then be split into 5 categories.

YourBroadcaster can be found on the World Wide Web at:

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