Van Ryck Communications Brings Wall Street to Main Street

Dec. 11, 2006 – Who: Van Ryck Communications LLC (VRC)
What: Boutique Information Technologies Company
Where: Corporate Office Middletown, NJ
Why: VRC Brings Wall Street to Main Street as IT industry continues to explode

Van Ryck Communications, LLC (VRC) takes local to a new level as Information Technology (IT) industry professionals’ record burgeoning residential and small business internet use. Van Ryck provides commercial, web and residential services from concept to completion, including web management and hosting.

Founder and CEO, Mark Van Ryck Degroot started Van Ryck Communications in early 2005 because “We wanted to bring Wall Street to Main Street”. In short order, VCR already boasts a growing clientele, including businesses and not-for-profit organizations. Van Ryck is uniquely positioned to assist niche companies and small businesses with innovative, cost effective and practical design, strategies, and support that enhance a businesses’ brand and return on investment (ROI).

VRC has successfully brought “Wall Street to Main Street.” “We have taken the structural knowledge and disciplined focus of Wall Street IT, and created ways to apply it to everyday business models. We then took it one step further with smaller businesses by integrating such with their current practices, allowing them to expand their reach by leveraging the Internet,” says Degroot. As a result, Van Ryck has creatively integrated this market sector’s need for uber corporate knowledge and experience, and its desire for boutique style delivery and service.

According to Dan Bricklin, Founder of the Trellix Corporation (industry leader in software development), “Many people have been asserting that all small businesses should and will become eBusinesses, doing most of their selling, communicating, and computing using the Internet. They see an enormous, almost untapped market bursting forth right now.” Bricklin adds, “A large percentage of small businesses are clearly willing and able to spend large sums of money to use the Internet as part of their relationships with customers.”

“Basic web sites are becoming a core part of the marketing mix for many small businesses. The business owners know they need one — even if they are not sure exactly why. And the cost of basic Internet uses, such as simple web sites, fits well within the marketing budget of most small businesses”, asserts Bricklin.

Van Ryck already has loyal followers. According to Hope Jones, owner of Hope Faith and Gluttony (, small niche business owner and a savvy entrepreneur in her own right, “Van Ryck is very easy to work with and lets you design what you want on your site versus some of the others.” Jones states that through VRC’s effective revenue driven website design philosophy, she has taken her neighborhood bakery global utilizing ecommerce sales and marketing.

Van Ryck distinguishes itself from its competitors by providing an integrated and holistic solution for its clients’ online business needs and by addressing the needs of its commercial customers from initial consultation and design work up to and including provisioning.

Valerie Acton, Snew Inc., ( chose Van Ryck “for its efficient and friendly service. They are also very knowledgeable.” She adds, “I do not feel that I need to explain each step to take to remedy any issues.” Snew, Inc. is a Berkley, California based co-op of Internet pioneers and insiders. They use VRC as a server hosting facility.

Van Ryck Communications’ client list includes New York and New Jersey based businesses and has recently extended its’ reach in the Mid-Atlantic. The company’s five-year plan includes a deliberate national expansion into key urban markets.

About Van Ryck Communications
VRC provides commercial services to corporations that are looking to improve their operational efficiency by leveraging technology. Their services can be used to augment or in place of dedicated Information Technology (IT) staff.

VRC’s commercial services include architectural services, project management, network security, hardware staging and provisioning, hosted internet services, and systems management services.

To learn more about Van Ryck Communications, LLC visit ; to contact Mark Degroot call 877-826- 7925 or email

About Mark Degroot
Degroot, a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University is the former Chief Architect, Financial Services at Sun Microsystems, Inc. As a Senior IT Architect and Management Professional, his focus is driving business value by leveraging technical solutions.

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