Vembu StoreGrid 2.1.1 focuses on Online Backups for ROBOs and Service Providers

Nov. 28, 2006 – Vembu Technologies, a leading provider of innovative backup and storage solutions, has released version 2.1.1 of Vembu StoreGrid, the flexible and feature packed data backup software that simply works with your existing hardware!

Enhancements in the new version are especially relevant to online backups. Increasingly, Remote Offices and Branch Offices (ROBOs) of medium & large companies are planning their data backup strategies around online backups to disk based locations. Considering that ROBOs have always been an area of data vulnerability for most companies, robust online backup is especially key!
Remote backups are also a focus area for many IT service providers providing their SMB clients managed backup and recovery services. StoreGrid helps these service providers offer their customers a powerful, feature packed service that straddles a balance between being user friendly enough to facilitate end user deployment while retaining the kind of functionality system administrators will necessarily require!
Amongst other features, version 2.1.1 includes improved support for MS-SQL & Exchange backups, multi threaded backup scheduling and large file backup resumption on network failure – features especially relevant to online backup scenarios. Lakshmanan Narayan, VP-Marketing at Vembu Technologies adds “Our roadmap is virtually driven by our partners! Most features in 2.1.1 are the result of direct feature requests from partners, and going forward, we expect our partners continue to tell us a lot about what to build.”
While online backups are a focus, Vembu StoreGrid supports backing up distributed data from servers and workstations to any disk based location anywhere. This could be a remote online server, an onsite server, a USB disk or a NAS box, or even other computers in a network in a peer to peer backup deployment. Basically, any form of disk to disk (D2D) backup from and to any machine on any OS is possible!
StoreGrid is available in three editions – a Service Provider Edition, a Professional Edition, and a Free Edition for small networks of less than 4 computers. StoreGrid supports robust (up to 448 bit) encryption, intelligent incremental data backups with Intelli-Delta technology, every conceivable scheduling option including continuous data protection (CDP) and powerful compression – all of these are, in fact, ‘standard features’ across all StoreGrid editions.
Full feature trials of all editions of Vembu StoreGrid are available for download at

About Vembu Technologies:
Vembu Technologies is a leading provider of innovative backup and storage solutions. Vembu’s flagship product “StoreGrid” is a flexible feature packed data backup software that simply works with your existing hardware! StoreGrid facilitates trusted peer-to-peer backups, network backups, traditional client-server backups, online backups, and more. Vembu plans to develop more innovative products in the storage domain, all with one objective: that of making storage and backup absolutely affordable (or free) and “easy to deploy and manage” for a broad spectrum of users. Vembu Technologies is located in Chennai, India.
Vembu Technologies was a finalist in the Red Herring Asia 100, a showcase of Asia’s most innovative companies, and also features in Computer Reseller News’ (CRN) list of 100 Emerging Vendors in 2006.

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