Verge180 Announces 20% Growth And Triple The Client Base Since It Was Re-branded


PRINCETON, NJ, Nov. 14, 2006 – Verge180, a creative and strategic marketing communications agency formerly known as Alan Brooks Design, announced today that since it was re-branded earlier this year to better represent its expanded scope of services, it has had 20% growth in Corporate Identity and Branding client activity. As a result, the company has tripled its client base. For one of its newest clients, CoolVines, Verge180 was selected to create an online and offline presence for this national wine store scheduled to launch in early 2007.

CoolVines will offer consumers a new way to purchase wine online and through retail locations that will be opened regionally. Verge180 worked with CoolVines to create an identity for the company and an e-commerce web site that will serve as a virtual store front and handle all visitor requests. Verge180 also will create its promotional materials—from advertising to collateral—as well as provide creative input on the design and layout of its retail outlets.

“CoolVines is pleased to be partnering with Verge180 during this critical start-up phase,” said Mark Censits, owner and president of CoolVines. “We chose Verge180 not only because of its innovative, high-end creative portfolio and its strategic marketing expertise, but also for its proven track record of helping companies identify themselves and stand out in the marketplace.”

CoolVines will simplify the current, complex process and structure of wine buying. This will be accomplished through using customer feedback to gain insight into what a customer likes by having him or her utilize the CoolVines web site to select wines by specific criteria. The three drivers are value (Is this a good wine for the price?), appropriateness (Which wine is best for a specific function?) and preference (Which bottle suits your taste?). CoolVines will then recommend a wine that best fits the description and will showcase that selection for the visitor to begin building a virtual cellar housing his or her favorites. Once a customer has made his or her selection, products that are closely matched to earlier purchases, as well as those that received high marks from the customer, will be offered.

A local retail outlet will serve as the delivery mechanism for customers to receive their wine. If they desire, they can visit the local CoolVines location and view wines in a user-friendly style menu. The customer also will have the option to speak to a sommelier in person who can provide direction and recommendations.

“Having an opportunity to select a perfect wine for the ideal occasion can be a daunting challenge for some,” said Alan Brooks, president and chief creative officer of Verge180. “For others, the ability to locate special wines that are recommended favorites is very appealing, particularly when those wines can be so uniquely different from year to year and from region to region. This is why Verge180 chose to create a holistic customer experience for CoolVines that will convey confidence and comfort without being overwhelming and confusing for wine buyers.”

“This has been an extremely exciting partnership for us,” said Rocco Iacobellis, CEO of Verge180. “Working with an entrepreneurial company like CoolVines has allowed Verge180 to design a personality for the company, as well as a virtual storefront and promotional materials that will drive consumers to create long term partnerships with the business.”


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