Verztec Wins Influential Brands Award 2015

Verztec Wins Influential Brands Award 2015
Verztec Consulting Pte Ltd is proud to have been awarded the InfluentialBrands™ award – Top Brand 2015 Winner for Professional Business Services category.
InfluentialBrands™ choice Award programme is driven by customer insights around a segment’s brand preferences, the major factors which may influence their buying behaviours and how brands may apply findings to better engage with consumers.
Brands are evaluated on the following criteria:
Create – how the business is building an influential brand in the context of highly sophisticated consumers, in a rapidly changing environment dominated by multiple layers of spheres of brand influences
Educate – how sustainable and influential the brand is
Platform – the story behind each brand, from early beginnings to its phenomenal growth
Insights – the tools and campaigns in place to motivate the respective target audience to stay loyal to the brand
Other brands that have been presented with the Influential Brands Award include Singapore Airlines, Keppel Land, Far East Organisation, Zalora, Breadtalk, Capitaland, Park Hotel and BMW.
“We are very happy to know that Verztec has emerged the Top Brand 2015 Winner under the Professional Business Services category for Influential Brands Award this year. To be honest, business is never easy. Over the years, we have been through many challenges and set-backs.
However, I have been encouraging my team that we are not failures if we learn something useful from those set-backs, improve, never to give up and always to do the right-thing for our customers. When we try hard enough and are patient, eventually we will all be winners together. Winning the Influential Brands Award is definitely an honour for us. This would not be possible without the continued support from all our customers as well as our hard work put in by our all our staff. Above all, we owe it to God for his favour and faithfulness in Verztec.”
– Nicholas Goh, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Verztec Consulting Pte Ltd
Founded in 2000, Verztec has grown from a 3-persons Startup to an International Consulting Corporation with over 200 employees around the world that supports One-Third of the World’s Fortune 500 Corporations for their multilingual communication needs.
A signification portion of Verztec revenues comes from the translation and localization of content for hundreds of global brand product lines, ranging from consumer electronics, medical, pharmaceuticals, aerospace to software products, and for the purpose of trade exports and regulatory compliance.
Verztec is in the business of helping businesses increase revenues and profitability through better engagement with employees, partners and customers as they expand into international markets.
Working with Multinational Corporations in over 26 industry sectors for nearly 2 decades now has equipped Verztec with vast real-life experience in advising the best and most effective strategies for growing companies venturing overseas.
Verztec supports customers through its 3 Service Pillars – Communicate, Educate and Publish, operating as a one-stop partner for corporations venturing into overseas markets with its culture-centric creative design and professional translation solutions into over 100 languages for websites, training, e-learning, marketing print collaterals and mobile applications etc.
Over the years, Verztec has also earned a reputation for providing strategic guidance for global learning initiatives with its innovative 360-degree organizational development services and learning technologies that address both the skills competency gaps as well as cultural aspects.
Verztec measures its success not only in financial performance but also the number of enduring mutual successes that it cultivates along the way with clients, business and charity partners around the world.
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Founded in 2000, Verztec is a leading ISO 9001:2008 Global Content Consulting Company which supports a third of the world’s Fortune 500 corporations in their global communication needs. Through 9 offices located worldwide, Verztec has been working with clients of various sizes, across 26 diverse industries for their translation of communications and global training needs.
Some of Verztec clients include HP, DBS, Microsoft, UBS, Rolls Royce, Bechtel, Citibank, Sony, P&G, Unilever, AIA, Novartis, Pfizer, Tata Consultancy, Chanel, Google, Singtel, Eaton etc.
Over the years, Verztec has earned a reputation for providing strategic guidance for global learning initiatives for international corporations as well as the design and production of web, mobile and business communications in more than 100 foreign languages.
In 2009, when Singapore hosted the APEC Leaders Summit, Verztec was appointed the Official Translation and Interpretation Partner for all meetings, seminars and conferences attended by political leaders, senior government officials and business leaders from the 21-member APEC economies.
Verztec has been recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in Singapore by the Business Times, Sunday Times and Lianhe ZaoBao, and has been awarded a number of prestigious awards such as the Spirit of Enterprise Award, SME One Asia Award, Emerging Enterprise Award as well as the Singapore Prestige Brand Award.
Verztec is ranked one of the top 50 companies in the world for the language services industry by Common Sense Advisory, an independent Massachusetts-based research firm. In 2015, Verztec is ranked #5 largest language services company in Asia by Common Sense Advisory.
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