Video Use Plays Role In News, Says Business Film Studios; 5 Tips For Effective Business Videos

Dec. 6, 2006 – New York, NY – “Video is having an important impact in news presentation and in business positioning,” said Brian Dobson, CEO of Business Film Studios. “We are seeing video play an important role in business, where its use is increasingly typical of companies seeking a competitive edge.”

Video is finding its way into news headlines, such as the New York Times recently reporting the role of video on its political pages, as well as using it on its website’s science news coverage, according to .

Underscoring video’s role in news, The New York Times reported Israel declassified some photos and video images to support that it targeted legitimate attack sites in recent conflicts in southern Lebanon.

The New York Times and other publications also use video as part of their news format on the web. Today, an important article appears in the newspaper, accompanied by a video on the Times’ site ( ), dramatically pointing to the fact that pneumonia kills more children under the age of five than any other disease, but receives much less funding and popular recognition.

Dobson said, “Moving a message in business is like moving a message in news or other areas, from politics to religion. Consistent application of message is very important and presentation is critical. The ‘lead steer’ often sets the pace and some top companies are now doing that with video. Basically, innovative companies take the lead and the rest of the industry, or herd cattle, will follow.”

Hugh Daly, Creative Director at Business Film Studios, added, “We predict that during the years ahead, video will be a common tool in moving messages at meetings and on websites.”

Communication is vital to success in business. How to best reach your targeted audience is a dilemma faced by business executives. The website, , indicate the basics of good video presentation.

Below are five tips of Business Film Studios’ Dobson and Daly offer give videos impact. Have:
1. Strong news format writing;
2. Clear structure and information flow;
3. Brief presentation – less is more;
4. Dramatic pace and effect, and
5. Stay “on message” and repeat key messages without oversell.

Business Film Studios, which makes videos for business, indicated that for many years corporations have used video in employee training, and noted that marketing and financial topics are increasingly becoming the subjects of business videos.

Dobson, who headed public relations at a Fortune 50 and was a financial journalist, says, “Video sells, when it is written, produced and presented properly. Poorly done, it will backfire, like any other ill-conceived marketing tactic. The important elements are simplicity, dramatic impact, good graphics, clear message and tight writing.”

Business Film Studios,, with offices in New York and Connecticut, specializes in entertainment-quality production using video to convey company, marketing and training messages. The company also used video for executive media training.

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