Visa International Launches “You Buy. We Pay ” Winter Promotion

Dec. 26, 2006 – Amman, Jordan-(December 2006) – Visa International, the world’s leading payment organization, is now launching its new “You Buy. We Pay” winter campaign. This national promotion to be held between December 15th 2006 and January 30th 2007,, grants shoppers across the Kingdom the opportunity to win fantastic prizes every time they use their Visa, or their Visa Electron cards.

Throughout the campaign’s duration, cardholders may shop at any of the kingdom’s shopping outlets, pay with their Visa cards, and win up to US$ 5000 to be returned back into their account at the end of the campaign’s duration. There will be a total of three lucky grand winners.

This promotion also grants shoppers at Mecca Mall the opportunity to pay with their Visa card and to automatically be entered into a weekly raffle draw whereby they may be selected as one of the three lucky winners of the week. Every month throughout the campaign’s duration, the administrations of Visa International and Mecca Mall will grant 24 of the mall’s shoppers the opportunity to have their monthly Visa bill paid by Visa. Shoppers at Abu Shakra also may be just as lucky, as they may pay with their Visa card at any of Abu Shakra’s 14 stores across the Kingdom and get the chance to win an Armani or Burberry watch each week throughout the campaign’s duration.

Prizes are also in store for all those who pay with their Visa Card at Prime Mega Store as they will receive free instant coupons for a drink or a meal at the Prime Mega Store Café depending on the value of purchase they make. Prime Mega Store’s shoppers will also automatically be entered into the final raffle draw at the end of the promotion where more prizes will be in store for them.

Those who pay with their Visa cards at any of the 11 Food and Beverages outlets of Atico group will enter a weekly draw to win loyalty card from the company worth JD 100. These cards will entitle them to free discounts and e-points that can be redeemed at a whole network of stores all over Jordan. Last but not least, those who use their Visa card at the Royal Yacht Club in Aqaba may also get a 10% to 15% discount at the club’s restaurants and bar.

Commenting on the promotion, Mr. Naser Abu Ghazaleh, General Manager of Visa Levant, said, “The goal of this campaign is to demonstrate the many advantages that shoppers enjoy when using their Visa Card for everyday purchases. Visa cardholders believe that Visa is a reliable method of payment to use for both daily expenditures domestically and while traveling as it is the most-widely accepted method around the world. When you go out to the shops, you no longer need to check to see how much cash you have in your wallet, thus Visa is the one payment tool our shoppers need. To add to these tributes and more, Visa International is now granting shoppers the thrill of winning awards just by using their visa card.”

Mr. Abu Ghazaleh added,”We are confident that our continuous cooperation with the member banks is to the benefit of our cardholders. I encourage our cardholders to go ahead and benefit from this campaign by utilizing their visa cards to the maximum for both, their day-to-day spending as well as for buying gifts for the loved ones during the holiday season. On this occasion, I on behalf of Visa International, thank our partner merchants for their support of our campaign, for it is their support that serves to further confirm the fact that Visa is the most convenient way to pay.”

— End —