Voth Nixon Group Encourages Financial Consultants to Adjust Their Strategies to the New Dynamics of the Industry

Voth Nixon Group, the Hong Kong-based global asset management company, advises financial specialists to adapt their business proposals in order to increase the opportunities offered by the continuously changing financial environment.

Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., August 14, 2015 –(PR.com)– Steven Tyler Carter, Chief Investment Officer of Voth Nixon Group, offers suggestions regarding what financial consultants should focus on in order to increase their success rate and capital flow within a landscape of unceasing regulatory and technological developments.

With the goal of attracting new clients and maintaining existing ones, as well as efficiently competing against their peers and various digital advisory services, Carter urges consultants to concentrate on the following aspects:

· Price: Proving the value of advisory services by offering straightforward and competitive charges. Financial consultants should offer a distinct business model that presents the benefits of the services they are offering in an understandable and investor-friendly manner.
· Offerings: Adjusting products and services in order to meet the demands of both investors and the financial markets by taking into account opportunities within untapped segments, thus providing products/services which will allow investors to grow along with the company.
· Investor-Base: As a long term strategy financial consultants should look beyond their existing client base and take into consideration that their referrals can bring in potential new investors.

Steven T. Carter added: “Financial consultants need to carefully plan their strategies so as to ensure they are efficiently taking advantage of the increasing number of new opportunities within the investment sector by anticipating client demands and adjusting accordingly in order to meet expectations. As competition evolves and new business models are making their way into the mainstream this has never been more important. Providing improved services will determine clients to continue doing business, encourage them to recommend your services to family members and generate referrals that can lead to new business connections. Carefully balancing an existing client base and attracting new investors ensures long term success and increased profitability.”

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