Voth Nixon Group Launches New Investment Products

Voth Nixon Group presents a blend of conventional and non-conventional products to assist consultants and their clients take advantage of opportunities and decrease risks.

Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., August 05, 2015 –(PR.com)– Voth Nixon Group, an international asset management company which has been aiding financial consultants and their clients adapt to the ever-changing investment environment, introduces three new products in order to address a number of vital market challenges such as fluctuations, identifying news sources of revenue and adapting to new tax policies.

In the past years Voth Nixon Group has promoted to its consultants and clients the idea of incorporating more versatility and dynamic risk management into their portfolios utilizing several investment methods such as worldwide diversification with included protection from downside, thought-out use of alternate asset categories and innovative sources of revenue.

Adding to the solid structure of current products, Voth Nixon Group will be making available three new products which will help with designing improved investment portfolios:
· Voth Nixon Minor Volatility Fund – pursues revenues similar to the American asset markets with decreased fluctuations during a market cycle.
· Voth Nixon Emerging Markets Fund – seeks high revenue and capital appreciation through various stocks of emerging economies’ markets.
· Voth Nixon International Profit Fund – pursues revenue and development through a diversified portfolio of international value and profit-paying stocks.

“Considering the number of issues that our clients and consultants have been facing and the myriad of routes that the markets could take over the following years, we have understood the necessity for our industry to come up with innovative methods of capturing opportunities and reducing risks,” said Ludwig Voth, Chairman and CEO of Voth Nixon Group, “Both clients and consultants have noticed the significance of pursuing innovative combinations of conventional and alternative strategies to aid in alleviating the risk of any asset category and investment method, and to seek more rewarding portfolio conclusions. We believe that the new blend of Voth Nixon Group offerings will assist clients in tackling a number of important issues such as less fluctuating profits, revenues from various sources and the ability to combat and endure increasing taxes.”

About Voth Nixon Group
Voth Nixon Group is a global asset administration group, managing capital for both institutional and retail investors across the world. Our aim is to provide solid fund performance across various asset types in which we know we have a viable competitive edge. At Voth Nixon Group your goals are important to us. We understand the financial challenges that make it difficult to achieve your targets, and we’re qualified to provide the assistance you need. We believe your financial progress, regardless of your present situation or economic condition is achievable.

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