Voth Nixon Group’s "Pragmatic Alternatives" Takes an Objective-Oriented Approach to Constructing Portfolios

Voth Nixon Group has released an educational curriculum named “Pragmatic Alternatives” as a response to continuous demands from financial specialists and investors for more solid and broader educational materials regarding efficient alternatives.

Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., August 12, 2015 –(PR.com)– According to recent studies, financial consultants are displeased with the present level of education relating to alternative investments. Voth Nixon Group’s release of “Pragmatic Alternatives” comes as a response to these needs and is designed to help consultants comprehend and deliberate upon alternative investment ideas, approaches and their significance in modern portfolios.

“Without a doubt there is a present and real need for consultant education on how to efficiently make use alternative investments,” said Abigail Nixon, Managing Director of Voth Nixon Group “The ‘Pragmatic Alternatives’ curriculum is one of a kind due to its coherent nature, the effective method by which intricate concepts are explained and its approach regarding the broad range of available investment solutions.”

The curriculum is designed from the perspective of four principal outcomes that clients pursue with their portfolios – Profit, Development, Risk Reduction and Inflation Security. “While desired outcomes have proven to be consistent over time, the instruments available to regular investors have improved considerably, therefor consultants are looking for appropriate methods to discern and explain these instruments in the client’s interest,” said Carl Zayn, Senior Development and Strategy Manager of Voth Nixon Group.

“Pragmatic Alternatives” concentrates on the relevance of investing outside the limits of conventional asset classes in the pursuit of profits and growth, while aiming to reduce risks and avoid inflation. With the available information consultants can shift to a larger spectrum of investment approaches that will assist them in achieving these objectives.

“We have designed this curriculum in accordance with the consultants’ principal goal which is client profits. By implementing an objective-oriented approach consultants can confidently communicate with investors, using instruments that illustrate straightforward methods of including various kinds of alternative investments to their portfolios,” added Carl Zayn.

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