WANTED Technologies Debuts International Analytics at HR Technology Europe in London

WANTED Technologies (TSX-V: WAN), a leading provider of real-time market intelligence and analytics for staffing and workforce strategies, will introduce its WANTED Analytics International product to the European human resources audience at the HR Tech Europe exposition today. The event is held March 24-25 at the ExCel London. WANTED Analytics will be located at booth #605 for the duration of the exposition.
“We are excited be a part of the HR Tech Europe event and unveil the new international versions of our recruiting analytics solutions and databases. Talent acquisition and management is an increasingly global effort demanding data-driven insights and planning tools to evaluate how to attract talent globally, where to open new offices during times of expansion, and effectively manage their entire workforce. Companies should not be doing this on ‘gut instinct’ alone – they require real-time, fact-based analytics,” said Meredith Amdur, President and CEO of WANTED Technologies.
In addition, WANTED Technologies announced the addition of reporting and services for Belgium, France, and Russia and will be providing demos of WANTED Analytics International at their booth during HR Tech Europe. These three countries join the existing tools for Australia, Canada, China, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States, which can also be test-driven at the event.
With this new data, WANTED was able to determine that the most in-demand occupations in France are R&D engineers, IT directors, and product managers. Russia has seen explosive growth for securities and finance dealers or brokers, technical sales representatives, and estate agents, all of which have seen double-digit increases in hiring since the beginning on the year. Companies hiring for these roles in these countries are likely to see more competition for talent and more difficulties with filling jobs.
“WANTED Technologies is the first to support these markets with in-depth reporting to track job markets and economies,” commented Amdur. “Making the most of a company’s global workforce requires the ability to have the needed skills and knowledge in place as needed and can provide an incredible competitive advantage. WANTED Analytics International provides that advantage with real-time data that helps talent acquisition teams find talent in a more time and cost-efficient way.”
WANTED collects and analyses online job ads and has done this for the past ten years to model the available talent pools in each country. This data enables HR departments and staffing firms to create workforce strategies for their operations on local and global levels. HR professionals can determine where talent is located internationally, if and how a relocation strategy should be considered, what a competitive recruiting strategy should include, and where to open new offices based on workforce accessibility. In addition, analysts in business and Government use the insights from WANTED to make strategic decisions in finance, economic development, and educational policy.
For more information about WANTED Analytics International and to get a free trial of their hiring demand and talent supply data, call +44 20 8123 6020 in Europe, 1-800-530-0818 in the US, or visit http://www.wantedanalytics.com.
About WANTED Technologies Corporation
WANTED Technologies helps organizations make intelligent hiring decisions. Combining real-time, talent sourcing activity with historical trends, the company’s WANTED Analytics™ data science tool uses Big Data to align HR and recruiting professionals with global job market realities. WANTED transforms corporate HR into a strategic tool by providing detailed competitive information about employment trends, economic conditions, talent supply and demand, and other pertinent job market statistics. Using data-driven business intelligence, recruiters can develop comprehensive workforce strategies and quickly find top candidates for key positions. Equipped with insights based on exhaustive hiring data, employers make smarter investments in talented personnel that contribute to the long-term success of the enterprise.
WANTED Technologies (TSX-V:WAN) was founded in 1999 with offices in Quebec City, Canada and New York City. The company currently maintains a database of more than one billion unique job listings spanning more than 10 years and 11,000 occupational categories.
WANTED Analytics is a cloud-based talent recruitment tool that combines real-time job market information with historical data from more than one billion records spanning ten years, 25,000 sources, 11,000 occupational categories, and serves 22 countries. This global data source enables recruiting professionals to base critical hiring decisions on job market realities, eliminating hunches and guesswork. Professionals in the staffing, HR, RPO, media, and government sectors use WANTED Analytics to find sales leads, analyze employment trends, gather competitive intelligence, forecast economic conditions, and source hard-to-fill positions.
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