Warning Signs that an Elderly Loved One May Need Help


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Warning signs that an elderly loved one needs help at home

Families anticipate gathering to celebrate the holidays as it’s often a rare opportunity for those who live far from each other to spend time together.

For some, however, it can be a reality check. Elderly loved ones may have reached a point where they need help with daily activities, unbeknownst to family members.

“Our specialists are able to assess the best care plan for our clients and their families,” said Steven Nerayoff, President and Founder of Freedom ElderCare. “If we are able to be involved at the first signs of home health care need, we’re able to circumvent some undesirable and dangerous situations.”

Sometimes the signs are obvious: An elderly family member takes a bad fall and needs hospital care. But other times the subtle changes may escape family members who are not present on a daily basis: Your loved one doesn’t participate in or seem to enjoy the same social activities they previously looked forward to.

Nerayoff recommends watching for the following warning signs when visiting with elderly loved ones over the holidays or any time.

• Confusion, depression, apathy and forgetfulness

• Dehydration, poor nutrition

• Lack of personal hygiene, incontinence

• Evidence of unsafe driving

• Wandering and falling

• Not taking medications

• Disorientation

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