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Dec. 4, 2006 – POINT ROBERTS, Wash., December 4, 2006 – www.Water-Stocks.com (WS), an investor and industry news portal for the water sector, continues its InvestorIdeas.com™ ‘Follow the Money’ series with perspectives on investments within the water industry. Global water shortages, aging equipment and continued contamination from pollution drives investments into infrastructure and water purification. Water sector participants such as WaterBank of America (USA) Inc. (OTCBB: WBKA), a manufacturer of hygienic ice cubes and bottled water and Hendrx Corp (OTCBB: HDRX), an established manufacturer of atmospheric water generators, are looking to benefit from the market drivers leading to long term growth for the water business.

Globally the water industry has been estimated as a $400 billion market with signs of long term growth ahead, especially with countries such as China continuing to drive the market as they focus on alleviating many of the region’s water issues such as shortages and contamination from pollution associated with accelerated economic growth. China plans to spend $125 billion on water treatment and recycling over the next five years opening its door to foreign investment and participation in their water market.

Hendrx Corp, (OTCBB: HDRX), a water technology company focused on water generation, filtration, ionization, and purification devices, has targeted their efforts to address many of the needs of developing countries such as China. George Solymar, Chief Executive Officer of Hendrx describes, “The main reason China’s needs have escalated is a result of concentration in population, industry and agriculture. This concentration is to the point where the natural water supply has been overstressed and can no longer accommodate the growth without drastically impacting the environment. As a result, global solutions have to be found to minimize the impact on the environment.”

WaterBank of America’s (OTCBB: WBKA) Chief Operating Officer, Stu Levitan adds, “With all the warnings issued to travelers and citizens with respect to water and ice consumption in China and elsewhere, our secured, ready to freeze ice cubes, ICEROCKS, is a natural complement to all the measures being taken to upgrade China’s water resources. We predict ice consumption from a safe, secure package will be the norm rather than the exception in the near future.”

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WaterBank of America (USA) Inc. (OTCBB: WBKA), a manufacturer of hygienic ice cubes and bottled water with a strategy to create and acquire a “bank” of top quality springs to address global water scarcity problems. For More Info: http://www.water-stocks.com/CO/WBKA/Default.asp

Hendrx Corp (OTCBB: HDRX), a manufacturer of atmospheric water generators, filtration, ionization, and purification devices. For More Info: http://www.water-stocks.com/CO/HDRX/Default.asp

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