Web analytics company ClickTracks to offer Web analytics interactive seminars

Dec. 11, 2006 – Santa Cruz, California, USA —- Web analytics company ClickTracks (http://www.clicktracks.com) is offering a free online class that teaches online marketing and web analytics techniques. On December 11 and 12, 2006, ClickTracks founder and CEO, John Marshall will present a class entitled “Understanding Website Abandonment.”

In the class (the same topic will be presented both days) John will discuss the issues of Website abandonment. “Most site owners know what brought visitors to their site. Novice web analytics users understand what visitors did while browsing their website. But do you know where and why visitors left your site?” says John Marshall, founder and CEO at ClickTracks. During the one hour long class, John will explain the various types of exits that occur and the valuable information you can extract through proper exit analysis.

The class format will provide ample opportunity for lively and interactive discussion. During the class, John will teach important topics such as why tracking exits is useful, four different types of exits, how to collect and view exit information, top reasons visitors exit Websites and methods to reduce exit rates.

“The online Web analytics courses give business and Website owners first hand experience in an intuitive way to understand how they may identify hot and cold spots on their Website, but more crucially to understand how their audience is leaving their sites via exit points. This information presents them with the intelligence to make more informed decisions on how to work with these areas to improve the performance of their Websites,” comments Marshall.

The classes are free and guaranteed to be devoid of annoying sales pitches and the topic coincides with ClickTracks users benefiting from additional free features with its web analytics software.

“The courses are perfect for individuals that work in all facets of the business from PR, marketing through to sales that can all benefit from understanding the behaviour of traffic on their sites and working with the design and development of the site to make appropriate changes if required,” adds Marshall.

Website owners or individuals that manage a businesses Web presence may sign up for the online classes at http://www.clicktracks.com/seminars.
Free Learning Edition: ClickTracks Appetizer

To complement the series of online marketing and web analytics classes, the company offers ClickTracks Appetizer, a free web analytics software program. This will include several of ClickTracks’ most popular features like its award winning overlay view, path view, page analysis and basic visitor labelling.

Appetizer is free software (not a trial) and is available for download at http://www.clicktracks.com/products/appetizer.
In addition to the above, users of ClickTracks Appetizer will be treated to seven days of free access to three advanced reports typically only available in commercial versions of ClickTracks.

Advanced Labeling report (http://www.clicktracks.com/advanced_labeling.php)
Site Overview report (http://www.clicktracks.com/site_overview_report.php)
Funnel report (http://www.clicktracks.com/funnel_report.php)

The reports will be referenced in the online classes, and users can follow along with analysis of their own sites.
All You Can Eat on “Web Analytics Day”

Also, on December 13, 2006 ClickTracks will “turn on” all advanced features in Appetizer. For 24 hours, Appetizer users will have full use of

ClickTracks’ industry leading funnel report, robot report, campaign report, search and keyword performance, and advanced visitor labelling – features found in ClickTracks’ more powerful editions (Analyzer, Optimizer, and Pro).

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