Webprogr.com’s New Android App "Cool Math Apps"

The app is for those who are preparing for math examination.

Lorton, VA, August 10, 2015 –(PR.com)– Webprogr.com has recently announced release of its app ‘Cool Math Apps’-Numerical aptitude test.

The application is designed keeping in mind the needs of the students, who are seriously preparing for entrance examinations.

Of late, entrance examinations like IIT, JEE and SAT had become important to those who aspire to pursue higher studies. This app is for those guys, who are seriously preparing for them. The app is a collection of 160+ math questions covering all areas of math like algebra, number theory, calculus etc. Further Webprogr.com states that they would change questions every fortnight. Thus the students will be supplied with new math questions every 15 days.

The app is working well and very student friendly, students will be better served by this app.

This app once again reiterates Webprogr.com’s total commitment to be a friendly and versatile app developer.

For further details please visit their website: https://www.webprogr.com/showcase/coolmath/

Email to mktg@webprogr.com.
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