Website Improves Market Efficiency to Better Oppose the Looming Water Crisis

Nov. 26, 2006 – Water is not only the basic fundamental need, but adequate safe water upderpins the nation’s health, economy, ecology and security. The challenge for the future is to ensure adequate quantity and quality of water to meet human and ecological needs against growing competition among domestic, industrial and agricultural needs.

Much of the world’s water systems are inadequate or crumbling from age. Around the world, billions are spent each year to build or repair water and wastewater systems. Yet, there was no place where utilities could announce their contract opportunities and be assured that interested vendors could find them.

To tackle this issue, there should be an efficient global market for water and wastewater contract opportunities as we have for other important commodities like oil and gold bullion. It is being discussed again and again that, in the near future, the wars will be for water and not for oil. Given the competition for water among farmers, communities, aquatic ecosystems and other users as well as emerging challenges like climatic change and threat of water borne diseases, a new mechanism is needed so that transparent, cost effective and result oriented decisions are taken with great speed. Federal funding should go specifically to the areas of water demand and use, water supply augmentation ensuring maximum return to the tax payer.

The water portal’s vision is to create the world’s most efficient market for water and wastewater contract opportunities. Through our site, we want to provide 24/7access to any water or wastewater contract opportunity anywhere in the world. Through our vision, we have created an online presence where water and wastewater utilities can find vendors who specifically serve these industries – wherever they may be in the world. Similarly, our website enables the world’s suppliers to the water and wastewater industries to be able to find any contract opportunity – wherever it may be in the world. We endeavor to provide immediate worldwide access to water and wastewater contract opportunities. enables water and wastewater utilities and their potential suppliers to find each other at a rate of speed that has never existed. In doing so, we enable utilities to fulfill their fiduciary obligation of getting the best product or service for the best price. Conversely, vendors now have a one-stop-shop to access water and wastewater contract opportunities all over the world. This will lead to true competition, greater transparency, and lower prices in the water and wastewater industries. Ultimately, everyone wins, including the ratepayers who can be assured that the various multimillion-dollar projects have been exposed to the world to produce the best bid (or tender). With utilities spending billions for years to come, this translates into real money that can reduce the need for the constant and exorbitant rate increases that are becoming common throughout water and wastewater systems. This is especially important for such projects as desalination plants where the cost is enormous and even small savings can free up millions for other important projects. With, competition is higher, the vendor options are greater, and costs are lower. As the world’s market for the water and wastewater industries, hosts bids from every continent, country, province, state, county, city, town, or village. There are no cost barriers, because all utilities can announce their contract opportunities at no cost to the entire world of water and wastewater venders and suppliers. For instance,

Is the only website dedicated exclusively to water and waster contract opportunities from all over the world. gets water and wastewater contract opportunities from every state in America and every continent in the world.
Has the largest and most comprehensive database of water and wastewater projects in the world and it is growing larger every day. No other website gives vendors the ability to receive free email alerts of water and wastewater contract opportunities from around the world, immediately after they are placed in our system.
Allows companies to easily search water and wastewater projects by product code, location, or category, to quickly locate the best possible contract opportunities in the world. We also have a color-coded display of contract opportunities, to allow companies to quickly see the contract opportunities that are expiring soon.
Provides RSS Feeds to websites with updated summaries of the water and wastewater postings on

By creating an efficient and immediate method of posting and finding the world’s water and wastewater contract opportunities, is helping water and wastewater utilities provide worldwide access to their contract opportunities, get better value for lower prices, and reduce the need for constant water and wastewater rate increases.

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