WebStream Announces Alliance with Reach Local

Nov. 11, 2006 – FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, November 11, 2006 – WebStream (www.webstream.net) today announced a partnership with ReachLocal (www.reachlocal.com) to deliver new, easy-to-use ROI-focused tools to help webmasters and website owners run successful local Internet advertising campaigns. The platform ensures that customers’ ads appear prominently among the search results when local consumers enter certain keywords on leading search sites, such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL. Since each ad appears in a premium position, it gets the best possible chance to generate a “click-through” to the local business’s Web site. Advertisers only pay when potential customers click on the ad and visit the business’s site.

When a local consumer clicks on an ad and goes to the Web site, ReachLocal can track precisely how the consumer explores the site. Companies can see first-hand which products or offers are attracting consumer attention, and whether the Web site is effectively designed to generate leads. ReachLocal can also monitor and track when consumers who have clicked on an ad contact the local business by email or telephone, or print an offer coupon from the site. Also they can record prospects’ calls to the business to ensure telephone inquiries are handled effectively. Because ReachLocal takes care of all the details, business owners can spend more time satisfying their customer’s needs and less time finding them.

Campaigns can be started from $500 per month and up based on keyword selection and campaign intensity. The main difference between using just Google AdWords, Overture or other individual PPC (Pay Per Click) programs is –

– Single source advertising – buys spots (based on keyword selection) on all the major PPC (Pay Per Click) engines and yellow page sites, such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Ask, Superpages, etc.
– Dynamic budget allocation – automatic tracking and utilization of the budget in the areas getting the most significant, targeted traffic
– Targeted campaigns – by location mileage radius, zip code, city, state, region or national
– Phone call generation and tracking – 800 number placed in the ads redirect to the company’s phone number and tracks all calls (no charge as part of the campaign expense)
– Clear results – automated system that does all the lead tracking and campaign reporting
– Campaign success – budget can be increased as business increases

Founded in 1997 with headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, WebStream is one of the oldest and largest web hosting and streaming companies and a leading provider of comprehensive business Internet services, with an emphasis on serving the business-to-business market in more than 200 countries and every U.S. state. WebStream offers a wide range of Internet solutions, including high-speed web hosting, streaming and hosting solutions to terrestrial and Internet radio stations, co-location services, e-commerce services, web design/programming and search engine optimization and marketing. WebStream also offers an Affiliate Reseller Program that is available worldwide.

For more information on WebStream’s Services, or to get a free demo on the Reach Local Control Panel, call Toll Free, 1-888-932-2333, or email info@webstream.net.

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