What Should You Do When Life Gets Hazy? Get Wild & Crazy

Dec. 9, 2006 – San Leandro, Calif. – November 28, 2006 – Kennette Reed, today announced the Grand Opening of wildwomenbookstore.com, an online-only women-centric bookstore. “At our Wild Women Weekend Retreats we were often asked if we had books and merchandise with a feminine focus available for purchase. I finally decided it was time to be able to provide what my customers were asking for. wildwomenbookstore.com only sells books and merchandise specifically written for or about women.”, said Ms. Reed, owner of the bookstore.

Ms. Reed further states, “Women are forever juggling multiple priorities and being care-givers. The books and merchandise we offer provides an opportunity for women to take care of themselves. Our book categories include business, health, self-help, sexuality, and wild & crazy (of course). wildwomenbookstore.com caters to the interests, concerns, and gift-giving needs of women. This is their place to purchase women-centric merchandise from the convenience of their home or office.”

The slogan for wildwomenbookstore.com says it all, “When life gets hazy, get wild and crazy”. In explaining the origin of the company slogan, Reed says, “Life is complicated and sometimes confusing. We often try to make sense of events that don’t. Instead of trying to figure it out, just let go, hang loose, do something wild and crazy. This uninhibited release will relieve us of the stress we’ve been harboring and allow us to experience our circumstances in a more objective way.”

In addition to owning this online bookstore, Ms. Reed is the principal consultant at Kennette Reed & Associates, a corporate trainer, nationally known speaker, success coach, and author. For additional information about wildwomenbookstore.com products, visit the company website http://www.wildwomenbookstore.com or phone (510) 352-2121 CA or (678) 344-6373 GA

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