What’s The Price of Violence? Turns Out, Not All Things In Life Are Free

Dec. 20, 2006 – Watch out Superman, there’s a new hero in town. Metropolis isn’t safe. Recent reports state that crime rates have soared higher in 2006 than in 2005, specifically burglary and rape. Why? And why are we all waiting for Superman, the police or the court system to save us? Why aren’t we standing up for ourselves?

Judo and karate classes are extremely popular especially among women. But, self defense isn’t about a sharp jab to the groin, it’s about using your head and avoiding the situation in the first place.

A newly launched company can help sharpen your eyes and ears and help you
celebrate a happy and safe 2007. Executive Defense Technology, LLC (www.execdeftech.com) is a organization of men and women dedicated to breaking the cycle of violence. Their goal is to empower individuals to make effective personal safety choices. On-site programs for corporations, community organizations and schools will cover a wide range of personal safety skills. Starting with Awareness and avoidance skills and concluding with non-lethal deflection skills. Specific areas to be covered will include: analyzing use of force, control concepts and pressure point control to escape an attack if one should occur.
You might have imagined that every possible means of criminal action has been tried already. But never underestimate the human capacity for invention!
Individuals of all ages make it so very easy for violence to occur – they walk around with cell phones, hands full of shopping bags and just being totally oblivious to their surroundings. It is only a matter of time until crime will affect us personally and then our attitude will change – when it’s too late. It is natural for us to feel like this….no one want to believe that anything bad might happen to them. Everyone wants to believe that trouble will never “knock on their door”. Yet, nightly, news reports of violence and theft flood our TVs and radio waves. Listeners pretend not to notice them. And, to be honest, our gut is glad that this misfortune is not ours. The harsh reality is a risk-free environment will never exist. Yes, it is a sad world when citizens have to be on guard all the time, but pretending the danger is not there doesn’t make the reality go away. As in all things, the solution is education. Executive Defense Technology, www.execdeftech.com, can provide that education.

An individual’s best defense against becoming a Victim of any crime is knowing how to reduce or remove the “Opportunity segment” of the “Crime Triangle.” If you prepare and practice, you will be ready for every eventuality

To Find Crime Stats for your city click below: Neighborhood Crime by City (http://www.homefair.com/homefair/calc/crime.html)

About the Author:
The author Kimberly Elliott is a marketing major and full time pharmaceutical representative. She is a wife, a mother of two, the CEO of a self defense training company that provides seminars, Private Investigative work and Corporate Safety Advice as well as a business partner of on-line safety, self defense and security products stores: www.ExecDefTech.com AND

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