Where to Find Real Estate Investing Associations, REIA’s in Michigan

Dec. 16, 2006 – Where To Find Real Estate Investing Associations, REIA, In Michigan

A Michigan Web Designed For National Real Estate Investing Clubs, Groups, Associations, REIA, Networks, Schools, Courses, Training and Mentoring Programs

National Real Estate Network LLC Now has made it easy for investors to find Real Estate Clubs in their market. Simply go to the www.megaeveningevent.com home page and you will find a link to over 1057 clubs throughout the United States. Now for the die hard investors you can go vacation and visit clubs right in that city.

You can also go to the National Real Estate Network LLC website and get a list of all the real estate terms and definitions you don’t know. Now when some says short sale, FSBO, REO, BPO, comps, and forbearance agreement, you can go to www.megaeveningevent.com and see what they are talking about.

In interview with co-founders, Mark Maupin and Urvi Mehta, we were advised that National Real Estate Network LLC will be introducing an added feature for it members to list properties on their website start January 29th, 2007. Urvi said “we have already received over 300 investment properties from our members and are excited about this new feature and what it will do for our members.”

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