Where Will You Buy Your Koi Fish From, Pet Shop Or Koi Farm?

Nov. 27, 2006 – As the editor and manager of www.thekoizone.com I have been asked if there is any difference in koi that have been raised in Japan and the fish you can get at the pet shop. That would all depend on where the fish in the pet shop really came from. If a koi is kept in an aquarium it will grow much slower than one raised in the proper environment. While this fish will eventually get large his coloration may be somewhat dull. Koi that have been raised outdoors in the proper conditions will be a better speciman and have a much better appearance.
The cost difference can be large between the two and is probably the biggest consideration of the home pond keeper. The larger body of water is the best way to maintain your koi. They will need plenty of room as they get large. Your decision to purchase wherever is yours. Select your koi based on your needs and the apperances you choose. I have both types and only a trained eye can tell the difference. The choice is yours.

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