Wholesale Sunglasses Company Launches Retail Sunglass Displays With Locking Features

Nov. 13, 2006 – Kirk Bachelder of CTS Wholesale Sunglasses today launched a new range of retail sunglass displays (http://301url.com/retail-sunglass-displays) that can be locked and are very pertinent for locations where chances of theft are high. The new range consists of table top and floor standing models and are great for use at retail showrooms as well as tradeshows.

High fashion industries like sunglasses are no exception when it comes to displaying the wares nicely to create positive impression in the prospect’s mind. Whether the goggles have to be exhibited in a retail showroom or at a stand in a trade show, a smart stand that can rotate easily and caters for 20-30 pairs can allow the browsers to make their choice much more easily.

CTS carries a wide assortment of smart displays for the use by the sunglass retailers. “We believe our success relates in part to our concern for supplying not only cool new designs, but providing accessories that ease their sales process too”, reported Kirk Bachelder.

They also offers several traveling sunglass displays that can carry up to 16 pairs and can be folded for ease of carrying. These double up as a smart display when opened. These attractive displays make it convenient for the dealers to quickly setup shop at trade shows, fairs or flea markets. The locking features give them the peace of mind from the risk of theft.

CTS Wholesale Sunglasses (http://www.CTSwholesaleSunglasses.com) claims to take a complete view of the sunglass marketing function and carries sunglasses, display accessories and even sunglass repair kits. These help the retail dealer to increase their per-order value while increasing the satisfaction level of the end-customers at the same time.

“There are a large number of attractive displays for the regular store-owners. We introduced these displays specially for our retailers and exhibition sellers”, signed off Kirk.

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