Why Detroit Investment Homes is #1 Real Estate Investor Web in Michigan

Nov. 29, 2006 – Why Detroit Investment Homes is #1 Real Estate Investor Web in Michigan

One of the most trafficked real estate Web sites in Michigan is Detroit Investment Homes

Urvi Mehta, co-founder of National Real Estate Network, said “Detroit Investment Homes is Web to find great buys, whether one is a novice or an experienced real estate investor, you’ve come to the right place!” Register on Web to get up date buys and news in investment world as it happens. This Web site offers: The Available Properties: Check out Michigan’s largest inventory of investor properties Search for specific properties. Pre-Foreclosure Lists: Get the latest pre-foreclosure lists for Wayne county Vacant Lots: Find a great deal on a vacant lot (in MS Excel format). Mark’s Corner: This regular newsletter is filled with practical real estate investing experience. Special Reports: These valuable reports contain in-depth information about real estate investing. Reverse Prospecting: Get automatically notified via e-mail when new investment properties are available that match your search criteria. Investment Analyzer: Analyze any investment property with this quick and easy financial calculator.

It has Real Estate Forms: Take action with these complimentary real estate forms. Online Resources: Check out these handy real estate websites. Fast Track Web Site: Dramatically increase your cash flow with your own totally custom real estate marketing web site. Class and Seminar Schedule: Take a look at our schedule of classes, taught by seasoned real estate professionals with real-life experience. Products: Supplement your classes with these highly effective educational materials.

The WEB site is schedule for new features over the next few week like new free Michigan Real Estate forms, and new system to search MLS for investment properties.
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