Will Lower Stress Levels For Auto Mechanics Result In Lower Repair Costs At Your Garage?

Dec. 8, 2006 – In northern Canada, where Maxxeon Inc. makes the WorkStar™ task light, there is more night than daylight for a good part of the year …and a good work light is an absolute necessity for most tradesmen and technicians. Complaints about poorly performing work lights from Canadian auto mechanics have been the spark plug that ignited Maxxeon’s engineers to invent a new style of light. This new design solves all the annoying problems found in old-fashioned work lights such as bulbs that break and awkward, tangled power cords.

According to company spokesman, John Schira, “the WorkStar™ is not a flashlight – it is a portable task light, a trouble light and an inspection light combined into one cordless, rechargeable light source that runs over 5 hours on a single charge. The WorkStar™ features a Luxeon® LED that gives the technician bright white illumination for their work area, and the bulb never needs replacing.”

The WorkStar™ features a unique two axis moveable light head that lets the technician direct the light exactly where he needs it. The user simply suspends the light by its hook or its magnets and turns the LED light head to direct the light where he wants it. This solves another especially aggravating problem for mechanics – trying to repair a vehicle while the work light glares into their eyes.

The lighting tool also has two rare earth magnets that “float” which allow the light to snap on to uneven metal surfaces. Although small, these magnets have plenty of muscle, and one alone is more than enough to hold the light in place. The light can also be suspended from any work area components with its self-contained, retractable hook.

Richard Hatherill, Chief Engineer of Maxxeon Inc., states “the WorkStar™ has been engineered to surpass the tough demands of the everyday workplace. The Luxeon® LED is guaranteed for as long as you own the light, and the batteries normally last 2 to 5 years before you need a replacement from the local hardware store.” Mr. Hatherill continues, “Our field testing has shown this task light to be nearly indestructible…” a feature that is sure to be appreciated in the rough and tumble world that exists in most repair shops.

Although originally designed for auto mechanics, the Maxxeon WorkStar™ will also serve the needs of HVAC and industrial technicians, emergency services personnel and campers and trekkers. The light weight, compact size and long lasting light make it a versatile lighting tool to anyone who needs a portable, cordless light source.

The benefits to campers, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts are numerous. Having excellent light output using lower current means enthusiasts can have a bright light that will run for many hours between charging in a low weight package. It also means that since the LED light source is virtually unbreakable, a person will not get stuck in the woods without a light. A special optional battery pack can be ordered for the WorkStar light extends the operating time from the standard 5 hours to over 8 hours, adding an extra margin of safety. More about this new lighting tool can be found at http://www.maxxeon.com .

Maxxeon Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of innovative lighting solutions for the workplace, based in Ottawa Canada.

™ Maxxeon, WorkStar, Maxxeon WorkStar and Maxxeon – Light where you need it! are trademarks of Maxxeon, Inc. Luxeon is a trademark of Philips Lumileds Lighting Company

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