William Cline, scuba diving industry consultant, receives Google Authorized Analytics Training

Nov. 13, 2006 – William Cline receives cutting edge training from a noted Google Authorized Training ROI Revolution for website analytics applications. William says “Being trained by ROI has given me a market advantage in that very few scuba diving companies or tourism boards actually employ sophisticated website and email marketing analytics. I now have those skills to guide my clients better, but more importantly, help them deploy cutting-edge Google analytics technologies.”

Web analytic technology is the process of deploying the Google Analytics platform on a company’s website. This process allows for better intelligence and accurate calculation of Return on Investment (ROI) for pay per click listings, search engine optimization, website traffic, and ultimately, website conversions.

Even small changes in conversions can have huge impacts on a client’s income or website success. For instance, a change in conversion rate from 1% to 2% may not sound like a big change, but it represents a 100% increase in revenue. Google Analytics technology allows for this detailed study in all forms of media, from off-line traditional advertising, to email campaigns, search engines, pay-per-click program, banner ads – just about any media form that uses or interacts with a client’s website.

ROI Revolution is one of the top Google Authorized Training companies, and receiving training from this company allows for significant market advantage for Cline’s clients.

Contact William Cline, Scuba Diving Industry consultant and advertising agency for more information on installing and deploying Google Analytics on your website.

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