With Cushing Storage at Record Levels, Traders & Analysts Gain Proprietary Supply Chain Insights with Genscape’s New Gulf Coast Crude Fundamentals Report

Meeting the demands of oil market participants for a holistic and highly accurate view into the key factors driving U.S. markets, Genscape launched its new Gulf Coast Crude Fundamentals Report, which provides weekly insight and analysis based on the company’s proprietary monitoring data for storage, transportation, and refining in the region. This intelligence is increasingly important to have after Genscape recently reported an all-time high in crude inventories at Cushing, OK, fueling incentive to shift storage play to the Gulf Coast as rapid builds put Cushing near capacity.
In reaction to the historic Cushing supply, WTI prices fell to six-year lows and the WTI 12-month spread contango widened to the highest level since 2011. This widening further supports Gulf Coast storage economics as leasing storage at Cushing becomes increasingly limited each week as builds continue.
“With Cushing filling up and U.S. production showing no signs of slowing, the Gulf Coast is emerging as a critical region to watch,” said Hillary Stevenson, manager of Genscape’s supply chain network. “The report will take Genscape’s proprietary storage, transportation and refinery intelligence and compile it into a weekly publication that’s comprehensive and actionable, yet easy to digest.”
Genscape oil analysts use proprietary, real-time monitoring data to produce a weekly overview of trends from across the Gulf Coast crude supply chain, including detailed commentary and analysis of market implications. Additionally, this report gives subscribers a holistic view of crude transportation data with insight into relevant pipeline, shipping, and rail data, allowing traders to easily follow the fundamentals and their impact on the market to develop a more informed trading strategy. To learn more about Genscape’s Gulf Coast Crude Fundamentals Report, visit: http://info.genscape.com/us-gulf-coast-crude-fundamentals-report-032515
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