With The Upcoming Tenth Anniversary Approaching Author Lisa Karlin Releases New Memoir – "Below The Water Line"

With the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina approaching, nurse and author, Lisa Karlin is pleased to announce the release of her new memoir, “Below the Water Line: Getting Out, Going Back, and Moving Forward in the Decade After Hurricane Katrina.”

New Orleans, LA, July 31, 2015 –(PR.com)– In this intensely personal and moving memoir, Lisa Karlin provides a gripping account of her family’s hurricane evacuation experiences and all that followed in the decade after Hurricane Katrina. Her story begins in August 2005, when Lisa, her husband, thirteen-year-old daughter, eleven-year-old son, and two dogs evacuated New Orleans for what they thought would be a two-day “hurrication.” Her day-by-day account of the weeks that follow vividly chronicles the unprecedented displacement of thousands of Americans, and on a personal level, describes how her family makes the trifecta of major life decisions: where to live, where to work, and where to enroll their children in school. With unflinching candor, Lisa Karlin provides a first-hand commentary on how everyday life has been impacted by Katrina’s aftermath and how, a decade later, there are still lingering effects of one of the most devastating events in American history.

“Below the Water Line” is available for purchase in both print and ebook formats.

Book Details:
Below the Water Line
Getting Out, Going Back, and Moving Forward in the Decade After Hurricane Katrina
By Lisa Karlin
Publisher: Centennial Publishers
Published: July 2015
ISBN: 978-0996232708
Pages: 367
Genre: Personal Narrative, Memoir

About The Author:
Lisa Karlin is an oncology nurse, author, wife, and mother who resides in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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