WORLDbytes Launches QuestionDine 2015: Election Candidates with Chips

London, United Kingdom, April 25, 2015 –(– With the UK General Election fast approaching, WORLDbytes, the online citizen TV station, has today launched QuestionDine 2015: Election Candidates with chips a unique programme which puts big political ideas on the menu.

On the programme, ten young volunteers sit down for supper with prospective candidates from all the major parties, in the E5 Square Café in East London. Over chicken and chips they pose hard hitting questions for candidates to ponder and unlike the set piece TV debates the discussion is two way.

From immigration, economic growth and the EU to free speech, humanitarian intervention and building homes ourselves, volunteers give the candidates a grilling and steer the conversation away from the usual set menu of rhetoric and platitudes.

On the economy, volunteer Fraser Myers asks: “Political discourse is obsessed with this technocratic idea of the budget deficit, which restricts the terms of the debate to cuts and spending. So I want to hear your big visions for the economy of this country and how we deal with the longer problems we face, such as low productivity, low wages and low exports?” On the need to build more homes, Toby Jones asks: “Are you willing to reconsider planning laws…. and give control back to the people that would probably do a better job?”

Producer Marisa Pereira commented: “It’s great we got the candidates round a table with us, they are so keen to get young people to vote but seem to have little notion it’s their failure to inspire and disbelief in people in general that makes the general election a turn off. I have to say the programme has convinced me to vote for none of the above, their lack of vision and substance is quite stunning.”

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Notes to editors:
Prospective Parliamentary Candidates featuring in the programme are: Charlotte George, Green Party Candidate for Hackney South and Shoreditch; Bilal Mahmood, Labour Party Candidate for Chingford and Woodford Green; Jack Tinley, Conservative Party Candidate for Hackney South and Shoreditch; Pete Muswell, UKIP Candidate for Islington South and Finsbury and Teena Lashmore, Liberal Democrat candidate for Bethnal Green and Bow.

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