World’s First 1,100 Watt Power Supply

Dec. 5, 2006 – Technology moves at a blinding pace. Currently, nVidia is playing a major role in the graphics industry with SLI technology. It’s already begun to release the next generation of SLI cards and these will require two PCI-e power sources for each card, not one. If your current power supply is SLI capable, you only have two connectors. Worse still, if the number of power supply connectors rises, you can bet that the need for power does also.

How much? The maximum power available from the PCI-e slot is 75 watts. Two cards? 150 watts. The 6-pin SLI PEG cable offers 75 watts additional. Times that by four for the new cards and total it all up: 450 watts. That’s the potential for just a pair of graphics cards! Don’t forget to add-in the power requirements for your motherboard, its related onboard components, and your CPU. And then there are the power needs for the ever-increasing number of hard drives we string together in RAID arrays inside our boxes.

How do you intend to power all that? How about with the world’s first 1,100 watt computer power supply, Tagan’s TG-1100 (TG-1100-U96)? That’s more than enough juice to power a Quad-GFX engine with multicore processors and never break a sweat: you get six 20amp 12volt rails, one 20amp 3.3volt rail, and one 6.5amp 5volt rail.

Getting there is half the fun and with so much power on tap, Tagan uses two large transformers that function as separate and independent outrails for stable power voltage. In addition, there is a variable potentiometer with which you can adjust and customize the voltage going to your computer. Under idle or load, each rail has a rated drop of less than 0.5%. (That’s not 5% or 10%, but one-half of one percent.)

The Tagan TG-1100 is well equipped to connect to your devices with
four 6-pin PCI-E connectors, three SATA lines with 10 connectors for all the hard disks, floppy disks, and media drives you can find, one Molex line with 3 connectors for the old model drives connector, and it includes a SATA to Molex adaptor. All connectors have solid plastic-over-metal mesh-wrap to provide EMI shielding.

Wonder about dissipating the heat from an 1,100-watt power supply? Given its efficiency, it doesn’t generate as much heat, comparatively, as the competition. Even so, the TG-1000 is equipped with an 80mm exhaust fan designed with eleven specially dimpled blades that promote noise reduction and better airflow. On the intake side you’ll find a similar 7-bladed fan. Further inside the box, the heatsinks have been rounded to promote better airflow across their surfaces.

Have you figured out yet that you probably need one? You can find the full specifications at Tagan’s website. And when you’re ready to have one delivered, just click the Tagan 2BY link you’ll find there, select the country you’re looking for, and you’ll see a list of resellers in your area.

It really is that easy to become so powerful.

— End —