WRASK IT™ Releasing a Platform for Sharing Advice

A Bronx Technology Company is releasing a mobile application for the modern educator: Bloggers, Coaches, Teachers.

New York, NY, May 16, 2015 –(PR.com)– WRASK Inc, announces their first mobile application for bloggers, teachers and coaches to directly connect with their audience and students.

WRASK Inc, has announced today, their public release of WRASK IT™. An IOS and ANDROID application for bloggers, teachers and coaches to better connect directly with people who look to them for advice.

WRASK Inc, a Bronx technology company, has launched a new mobile platform for bloggers and teachers to reach their readers and students in a question and answer format to provide advice when it matters most.

“Our mission is to connect people for the purpose of making better decisions.” – Jonathan Duhon/ CEO WRASK INC.

People that are in a position to provide advice and instruction are trying to connect with their audience by various different means on the internet but reports show that internet users are still disconnected and more out of touch than ever. It leaves people interacting with others who are only concerned about keeping up appearances and people who will judge others for dealing with real life issues. Where do people turn when they want to talk to someone who can understand real life problems and offer insight without judgment?

Social Media has left people to disconnect from real problems and build false profiles. This is where the WRASK IT™ App comes in to play. The WRASK IT SLIDER™ has relevant and updated blogs from around the web for real sources of information. Also, the Direct WRASK feature allows users to ask anonymous questions to bloggers, teachers and members, they have come to trust, for answers to real life questions.

The app is to be download and only used through the IOS and Android applications. Submitted questions will not be searchable through search engines. Keeping questions and answers private to the community helps promote unity between each other.

When a user registers, they will immediately go to the updates page for any updates with the app or community. The user will have the option of picking their WRASK (up to 5 categories they relate to most). Then, they can go to their home page and answer questions that they relate to or WRASK IT™ (ask a question to users that can relate to their question).

This format will allow people, humans to start addressing their real life problems and issues; while having the opportunity to share their experiences with others that may need help.

To find out more about the WRASK IT™ application’s ability to support you/or submit a useful blog to the WRASK IT SLIDER™; visit www.submitmyblog.com

About WRASK Inc: WRASK Inc, is a Bronx Technology company founded in March 2015. It is dedicated to connecting people who want and enjoy helping others. WRASK IT™ app is the only application that uses the question and answer format that focuses on people instead of topics. This focus will, once again, make it okay to deal with real life issues.

Name: Jonathan Duhon
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