WriterProof Secures Contract For Process Engineering Project!

Nov. 13, 2006 – WriterProof, through its new online presence at www.writerproof.com, has negotiated yet another business contract to lighten the load on company executives by providing its acclaimed services, allowing them to focus on their company duties without worry that their project will be given professional attention to every detail, a trademark of every WriterProof assignment.

The media presentation, under strict copyright, modernizes the training for new process engineers and allows them to apply their new knowledge to actual examples, many of which are uniquely challenging, yet still realistic field circumstances that require quick thinking and immediate action to prevent disastrous results in locations such as refineries and chemical plants.

Upon completion, this WriterProof project will be licensed to numerous buyers who can then proliferate the knowledge, but not the physical data, to numerous clients until the license is no longer valid or revoked.

WriterProof, headquartered in southern California, provides project management services for English language projects such as writing, editing, presentation building, and research, issued (at client request) with digital content protection/licensing for distribution on attractively laser-labled CD’s or DVD’s.

Should such a project ease a burden on your company or be of interest to any consumer, please contact WriterProof directly through any of the channels listed below.

— End —