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Dec. 14, 2006 – There seem to be hundreds of choices now for a number of medical procedures related to cosmetic procedures, such as Botox, fillers, laser treatments and other skin care needs. The choices seem to be endless. How can you ensure the right decision is made? Most of Dr. Suarez’ patients look for new options to unveil their natural beauty and he has made his mission to inform his patients and the general pubic about the new noninvasive techniques that are available. His new Website www.pinecrestmedicalspa.com offers information in English and Spanish. Doctor Jose David Suarez, a professional in the field of laser aesthetics and cosmetic medicine for over 10 years, has some tips for finding the perfect fit in medical spas and offices:
• Verify if the office or medical spa has experience
• Check the credentials of the practitioners
• Confirm if there is a doctor on site (to insure the best of care)
• Research the lasers, products, and therapies (become an expert)
• Don’t rely only on prices to make your decision
• Ask questions (there are never to many questions when it comes to your skin’s health)
• Be comfortable with the staff and environment
Dr. Suarez suggests doing a lot of research; call around and ask as many questions as possible. What are your options? Which products and services they offer? Dr. Suarez Website www.pinecrestmedicalspa.com offers an FAQ section where you can check on the reported side effects and risks of many procedures, such as Botox, Restylane, laser hair removal, treatment of varicose veins, mesotherapy and many others.
Obviously not all skin centers are the same. It is also very important that you are comfortable with the doctor, staff and environment at the office or medical spa you go to. “Feeling welcomed is important,” says Dr. Suarez, who also recommends visiting offices, to get a feel for the staff and environment.

Doctor Suarez said, “The skin is the largest organ on the body and needs to be taken care of.” He and his staff pride themselves in being a small and personal place where you feel like you are at home, as any doctor should.

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