X4 Power Quattro Bolt loc. king mechanism

Dec. 4, 2006 – OnGuard bolts industry standards again with
X4 Power Quattro Bolt loc. king mechanism

The latest breakthrough, the X4 Power Quattro Bolt locking mechanism, offers a level of security unparalleled in the industry.

OnGuard’s patent-pending X4 Power Quattro Bolt employs a four-bolt locking mechanism (traditional U-locks use a single-bolt mechanism). Essentially, this mechanism locks tightly to four sides of the shackle, doubling the strength of the lock to stand up to the most severe physical attack. OnGuard uses the X4 Power Quattro Bolt locking mechanism for its Beast and Mastiff chain locks for bikes and power sport vehicles, as well as the Brute and Pitbull U-lock lines. This design offers unparalleled “pull resistance” and protection from a hammer attack and other brute force theft attempts.

“When we first brought the X4 Quattro Bolt to the market in 2005, it was the first four-bolt locking mechanism out there,” said Stewart Goldsmith of OnGuard Locks. “The new and improved, patented pending X4 Quattro Bolt in our 2007 line gives customers even more of a deterrent to thieves and vandals.”

In addition to the X4 Quattro Bolt locking mechanism, OnGuard has been among the first to market with a number of innovations that became industry standards, including:

X2 Power Double Bolt
Hitting the market in 2006, brand new this year, the X2 Power Double Bolt locking mechanism provides the ultimate pull resistance, locking tightly on both sides of the shackle (as opposed to one side in traditional locks). This technology is used in OnGuard’s Rottweiler line of armored locks, as well as the Doberman, Akita, Mastiff Integrated Chain locks, and the pin style Boxer Disc locks for motorcycle rotors.

Dual Lockdown Dead Bolt
Similar to the X2 Power Double Bolt, the Dual Lockdown Dead Bolt locking mechanism provides added strength and high pull resistance by locking tight to two sides of the bar. Introduced in 2003 the Dual Bolt system is found in OnGuard’s Bulldog line for bicycles. This construction is just now being added by other lock manufacturers and only on their most expensive and highest rated locks.

M-Cylinder mechanism
This legendary theft deterring mechanism, which OnGuard introduced in 2003, combines an anti-drill steel ball with pick-resistant anti-pull technology for optimal security.

Automatic Weather Protector
A “sliding door” cover to protect keyholes from the elements and foreign objects was introduced in 2003 and has been improved with the new rotating cover on U-locks and automatic internal covers on the integrated chain and cable locks for 2006.

Water-Resistant Chain Cover
Water Proof fabric protects our chain locks from the elements adorned with an embroidered OnGuard logo, the double fabric cover also protects your vehicle from damage by linkling 2 Velcro end strips that prevents the chain from sliding out of the cover and exposing it to your vehicle.

Laser-cut keys
Since 2003, each OnGuard key lock comes with five duplicate laser-cut keys for added security. One of those is a microlight key—which projects a highly focused white light beam—for use at night to see key opening in areas with poor visibility such as a dark alley or deep in the woods.

Coated locks
Hardened ultra steel shackles come with a special coating to minimize scratching and possible denting to your bike or power sport vehicle. There’s also a durable rubber coating on all plastic parts to minimize scratches.

A New Standard
Thieves continue to scheme and attack locking devices. OnGuard continues to fortify and enhance its lock systems to provide the best protection possible. OnGuard’s vast arsenal of locks includes U-locks, armored cables, standard cable locks, heavy-duty coil cables , covered chain/padlock , Disc locks, jacket and helmet locks . Each lock category features both key-accessed lock models and 7-pin cylinder combination lock models.

OnGuard’s locks, whether key or combination lock, are tested, approved and certified by the most important European test organizations (including Classe SRA, SBSC, ART, Sold Secure, and Thatcham) to guard bikes and power sport vehicles the world over. OnGuard locks come with a lifetime warranty, the aforementioned laser-cut keys and microlight key (with all M-key locks), key registration, free key replacement service, and “Keyed Alike” capability.

The OnGuard logo and slogan (One Mean Lock) are protected by Registered Trademarks.

OnGuard locks may be obtained at more than 3,000 specialty bike stores and 1,500 power sports stores nationwide. For more information OnGuard Products, go to http://www.onguard.com.

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